Model BFFs Josephine Skriver & Jasmine Tookes Reveal How They Motivate Each Other To Stay Fit In Quarantine

BFFs Josephine Skriver & Jasmine Tookes spoke to HL about how they keep each other motivated to workout & eat healthy!

Jasmine Tookes & Josephine Skriver
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Models Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver are actual fitness goals, but the best friends duo reveal to that even they have their days when they lack motivation to workout or eat healthy! “It’s all about balance,” Josephine told HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I think for me, you work out, you have fun with it. We’re really good at like keeping each other on track and like keeping each other motivated. And it’s so important that about 80% of the time we eat healthy, we work out but you also got to treat yourself!”

Jasmine added, “You want to eat and be happy. So, if you want to have a day where you’re just going to splurge, then go for it. And I always keep in mind, then tomorrow, I’m going to do a really awesome workout and HIIT a lot of cardio or weight training. I never restrict myself from eating anything that I want because I feel like then I’ll miss that and I’ll just get mentally stressed out about it.” The besties have each other for support and accountability, but they also offer that same support to their fans via their Instagram, JOJA!

“We’ve been going live with each other from afar and doing workouts like once or twice a week on @JOJA! And it’s been keeping me motivated,” Jasmine explained. “I know days when it’s a little gloomy in LA and you wake up and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m just not in the mood.’ But then Jo and I are hold each other pretty accountable and we get each other to work out together.”

Josephine continued, “It’s been super fun to remind yourself how much you can do at home and how many things you can actually do with a water bottle or a cat or your kid, just using what you have at home!” The Danish model did admit it is “hard when you’re home all the time,” but “it’s definitely been key to have each other as accountability buddies.”

Josephine Skriver & Jasmine Tookes (Tanqueray)

Of course, when the ladies indulge, they do it with their fave Tanqueray London Dry Gin! “We love to have a cocktail every now and then. So we thought it’d be the perfect partnership for us to do and it was really fun and really easy — we shot just home in my backyard — and it was very comforting and fun,” Jasmine said of the super sweet campaign pics! In them, Josephine and Jasmine share a Lemon Zest T&T (recipe below).

“We love to make a classic gin & tonic with a twist using Tanqueray London Dry & a Lemon Zest Sugar Rim with a Fresh Mint Bouquet. (recipe below!) A Tanqueray & Tonic is a classic Gin cocktail that is simple enough to mix-up for a small get-together you might be hosting for Fashion Week. It’s also so beautiful when garnished with a mint bouquet, which makes it perfect for a high-fashion occasion,” they added.

Lemon Zest T&T
1.5oz Tanqueray London Dry
3 oz high-quality Tonic Water
Sugar & lemon zest for the rim
Bouquet of mint for garnish
Fresh ice for the glass

Combine ingredients in an ice-filled Copa or wine glass and stir. Garnish with a mint bouquet!

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