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VS Model Josephine Skriver Reveals How She Stays Fit By Always Switching Up Her Workouts

Victoria's Secret model, Josephine Skriver, revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY how she manages to stay fit by switching up her workouts instead of following one specific workout!

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When it comes to getting and staying fit, Victoria’s Secret model, Josephine Skriver, has a few tricks up her sleeve and she shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, exactly what she does. Josephine revealed that she likes to keep her “body guessing” when it comes to working out, rather than practicing the same routine every day. Instead of swearing by one specific workout, Josephine admitted, “My trick is actually the opposite. Instead of one specific workout, I love to switch it up and to keep my body guessing. One day I’ll be in the gym with weights, the next I’ll do some boxing, and maybe the next day I’ll go for a run on the beach or play volleyball with some friends. The key is just to stay active and to make it fun! Then it doesn’t feel too much like work and you can enjoy it.”

As for how she maintains a healthy diet, she revealed, “A women’s body is her temple. You have to take care of it! I love to work out and be active. Pushing yourself to always be the best version of yourself is important and I know that I can get there by eating well, staying active, and also smiling as much as possible!” When it comes to meals, Josephine shared what a typical day looks like to her. “For breakfast, I’ll make myself a vegetable omelet most of the time. Usually with some spinach and mushrooms. For lunch, my favorite is chicken, usually with a good spicy kick of sauce and some rice and other sides. My favorite meal for dinner is definitely steak. I love a perfectly cooked ribeye or filet mignon!”

Josephine has some exciting Valentine’s Day plans, admitting, “I’m a big believer in spontaneity and I think it’s incredibly sexy so I think I’m going to fly out to Vegas for the day and spend time with the one that I love without any set plans or schedule.” As for her look for the special holiday, she revealed, “Red lace is classic, sexy, and flirty. I love being able to wear red lingerie underneath my clothes and for it to be my man and I’s little secret.”

josephine skriver
Josephine Skriver shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how she gets fit & maintains a healthy diet & lifestyle. (Shutterstock)

When it comes to feeling sexy, Josephine revealed, “Being a woman is powerful. We are strong, brave, and sexy creatures and we need to remember that! We don’t need anything more to feel sexy.”