Victoria’s Secret Model Stella Maxwell Reveals How ‘Confidence’ Makes Her Feel Sexiest

Valentine's Day is right around the corner & Victoria's Secret model, Stella Maxwell shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how 'confidence' makes her feel sexiest.

stella maxwell
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Stella Maxwell, 29, is known for her fabulous figure which she has gracefully strut on the runway at fashion shows and the Victoria’s Secret model shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how she gets in shape and what makes her feel the sexiest. When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, Stella admits, “For me, the mind and body are the keys. A healthy mind equals a healthy body. I try to do yoga and meditate every day. I eat clean and fresh and drink a lot of water. I think avoiding stress is also a big key to a healthy life.” As for the one workout Stella swears by, “Yoga is my go-to,” she revealed. “I love how it makes me feel both mentally and physically. I try to practice almost every day.”

A typical day in the life of Stella is super healthy and the model admits, “My typical day entails waking up and meditating for 20 minutes. I then drink some lemon water to alkalize my stomach. If I’m home, I take Trip [her dog] for a walk, then I either head to set or I start my day. I like eating a light breakfast, usually some oats or granola. I also like an oat milk cappuccino with breaky. By this point, I am either in hair and makeup or I am running around town catching up on errands. For lunch, I like a salad, but not too light. My go-to is a chicken caesar. In the afternoon, if I am not on my 10th look of the day, I am usually hanging with my friends, making plans for the evening or maybe catching a matinee. For dinner, I like to eat vegetarian or sushi. For the eve, I’m either hanging with friends or catching up on much-needed sleep.”

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Stella shared what makes her feel sexiest. “Confidence is what makes me feel sexiest. When I feel good about myself and my surroundings, I feel sexy. When I feel comfortable in my own skin, chilling in my Victoria’s Secret underwear, I always feel my sexiest.”

stella maxwell
Stella Maxwell shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how she gets in shape & what makes her feel sexiest. (Shutterstock)

As for her plans, she admitted, “For Valentine’s Day I plan to spend a romantic evening with my pooch, Trip. We will probably go for an afternoon walk to the dog park followed by some tasty treats and cuddling.” As for her ideal Valentine’s Day look, Stella shared, “I think the perfect Valentine’s Day look depends on your mood. Of course, it could always entail some gorgeous lingerie. If you are hanging with friends celebrating being single, it could be some comfortable sweatpants. If you’re looking for love, it could be a whole range of romantic and sexy pieces.” Some of Stella’s favorite pieces for Valentine’s Day include the Victoria’s Secret Satin & Lace Midi Slip, the Dream Angels Wicked Unlined Balconette Bra, the Very Sexy Unlined Teddy, and the Lace Short Kimono Robe.

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