Joe Biden’s Daughter Ashley, 39, & Grandkids Look So Stylish At Inauguration: See Outfits

Here's a breakdown of the Biden family's inauguration fashion, from the evening outfits to the colorful coats that Joe's daughter and grandchildren wore.

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Biden Family
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Joe Biden has only been in office for two days, and his family has already taken Twitter and fashion columns by storm. The new POTUS’s daughter Ashley Biden, 39, and his grandchildren Naomi, 27, Finnegan, 20, Maisy, 19, Natalie, 16, and grandson Robert “Hunter” Biden II, 14, impressed fans with their Inauguration Day fashion on Jan. 20, which entailed monochrome winter coats for the daytime portion and sophisticated evening wear for the nighttime festivities at Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Joe Biden's Family
From left to right: Joe’s son-in-law Howard, granddaughter Natalie, granddaughter Maisy, daughter Ashley (in her iconic tux), Joe himself, wife Jill, granddaughter Finnegan, granddaughter Naomi, and grandson Robert “Hunter” Biden II. (Photo Credit: AP)

We’ll start our fashion breakdown with Ashley. The social worker and activist ditched a dress altogether and made a powerful statement as the First Daughter of the United States in a Ralph Lauren tuxedo, complete with a bow tie and stilettos, for Inauguration Night — you can see a close-up shot below.

Ashley Biden
Ashley Biden looks powerful in a Ralph Lauren tuxedo on Inauguration Night on Jan. 20, 2021. (Photo Credit: AP)

Meanwhile, Ashley’s nieces Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy and Natalie all wore designer dresses for the evening portion of Inauguration Day. Two of Joe’s granddaughters, Natalie and Finnegan, both wore dresses from Markarian (the same designer that their grandmother, Jill Biden, wore for the daytime ceremony). Finnegan is pictured below wearing a sparkly orange number from the high-end brand by her older sister Naomi, who looked lovely in a purple frock. Meanwhile, Hunter — who is standing to their far right — wore a classic suit and tie.

Finnegan Biden, Naomi Biden, Robert Biden II
From left to right: Finnegan and Naomi Biden (both daughters of Hunter and Kahtleen Biden) and their cousin, Robert Biden II. (Photo Credit: AP)

To the far left of the group shot you have Biden’s other teen granddaughter, Maisy. Like her aunt, Maisy defied traditional dress code by rocking a Rodarte print dress with Nike high-top sneakers! She is pictured standing by Natalie (in the gold dress), who’s actually a TikTok star with 1.5 million followers.

Biden’s family drew just as much attention even for the toned-down swearing in ceremony that took place at the U.S. Capitol earlier that day. Ashley opted for a sensible navy double breasted coat with a face mask in a matching color, and essentially twinned with her father as he became the 46th president of the United States (check out their matching outfits below).

Joe Biden, Ashley Biden
Ashley Biden wears a navy winter coat that matches her father’s at his inauguration ceremony at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20, 2021. (Photo Credit: AP)

Biden’s granddaughters’ outfits, however, were a different story for the daytime event. The foursome drew attention across the Internet for their monochrome winter outfits: Natalie especially stood out in a bubblegum pink coat and coordinating face mask!

Jill Biden, Natalie Biden, Finnegan Biden, Robert Biden II
Jill Biden is pictured in the front in bright blue, coordinating with her granddaughter Natalie Biden who’s in bright pink! Pictured behind them are Robert “Hunter” Biden II, Maisy Biden and Finnegan Biden. (Photo Credit: AP)
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Naomi Biden
Naomi Biden wears suffragette white by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. (Photo Credit: AP)

Natalie’s cousins also stuck to this monochrome theme in different colors: Finnegan in peachy salmon, Maisy in navy, and Naomi in suffragette white. Even Jill coordinated with her granddaughters’ monochrome theme by having Markarian designer Alexandra O’Neill create her blue tweed coat, dress and coordinating face mask.

Biden Family
The Biden family walk together as a family on Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20, 2021. (Photo Credit: AP)

It’s easy to see why the Biden family got all dressed up for the big day (aside from the fact that Joe was becoming the president and replacing Donald Trump, of course). Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga performed at the daytime ceremony, and even former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama attended the historical day (you can see them standing with Naomi among the photos above). The nation’s youngest poet laureate, Amanda Gorman, also delivered a moving poem at the inauguration ceremony. The daytime event was followed by the Celebrating America television and livestream special, which Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris also delivered remarks for (for the event, Biden and his family gathered at the Lincoln Memorial, as you can see above).