Garth Brooks Belts Out ‘Amazing Grace’ After Joe Biden Is Sworn In At Inauguration

In a stunning moment of unity, Garth Brooks took centerstage to sing a beautiful rendition of 'Amazing Grace' at Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20.

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Image Credit: AP

Moments after Joe Biden addressed the nation as president for the first time, Garth Brooks showed up at the inauguration to perform. The country superstar took off his cowboy hat as he belted out “Amazing Grace” at the event. With President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, members of Congress and more looking on, Garth put his country twist on the hymn.

Garth was one of three high-profile musical guests at the inauguration. Earlier in the day, Lady Gaga was front and center to sing a rendition of the National Anthem. Jennifer Lopez also showed up to perform “This Land Is Our Land.” Both women looked absolutely incredible as they brought their own flair to the patriotic songs. After their performances, Kamala and Joe were sworn in as president and vice president, officially taking over for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Although Garth is a Republican, he said that he performed at the Democratic inauguration as a show of unity. “This is not a political statement,” Garth told reporters earlier this week. “This is a statement of unity.” He explained that his appearance at the inauguration was an honor because it was his way of “serving the country.” Before the inauguration, Garth joked that he “might be the only Republican” at the event. However, he did not publicly endorse either candidate (Biden or Trump) during the 2020 election.

garth brooks
Garth Brooks at Joe Biden’s inauguration. (AP)

Unfortunately, Garth received some criticism from his Republican supporters for his decision to sing at Biden’s inauguration. He made it clear, though, that he does not want his performance to create more division. Rather, he hopes his appearance at the inauguration will be part of “the bridge that brings [the country] together.”

“In this case, you must rise beyond red and blue,” Garth explained. “You must rise beyond Black and white, gay, straight, male, female. Look at it from above. Look at it from America. That’s always kind of been my thing. The whole mission of a Garth Brooks concert is for the people that come to watch the show to leave the show loving each other more than when they came in. That’s never going to change for me.”