Donald Trump Mocked With ‘Bye Felicia’ Messages On Twitter Just Hours Before He Leaves Office

With less than 24 hours left in his term, the end of Donald Trump's presidency is being cheered on Twitter with #ByeFelicia memes from people so glad to see him leave the White House.

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Image Credit: Erin Schaff - Pool via CNP / MEGA

Many people are breathing a collective sigh of relief that Donald Trump‘s four chaotic years as president — including a historic two impeachments — are finally coming to an end on Jan. 20. Even though the 74-year-old failed to concede that he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden, Trump will be departing Washington D.C. to fly to his home in Palm Beach, FL hour hours ahead of Biden’s swearing in. With less than a day to go of the Trump presidency, #ByeFelicia began trending on Twitter thanks to people thrilled to see him finally leaving office.

User @GoHilary celebrated by tweeting, “Welcome to the last full day of Traitor DumDum! We made it! #ByeFelicia,” while @that1_Direction cheered, “ITS THE LAST DAY OF TRUMP IN OFFICE. WE SURVIVED 4 YEARS. FINALLYYYY #ByeFelicia”@DeanObeidallah wrote, “Tomorrow after Joe Biden is sworn in it will mark the first time in 4 years that there will be compassion, class and competence in the White House. #ByeFelicia,” as @sarand45094570 excited tweeted, “One more sleep!!! Can you feel the joy. #ByeDon #ByeFelicia #TrumpTreason.”

Donald Trump
People are counting down the hours until the end of Donald Trump’s presidency witn “#ByeFelicia” tweets. Photo credit: Erin Schaff – Pool via CNP / MEGA.

@AngelaBelcamino cheered, “Last day of Trump’s presidency…Can I get a HELL YEAH?! #ByeFelicia,” while @AoDespair was more serious with his use of the phrase, tweeting, “#ByeFelicia Four years ago, on election night, I knew it would be awful. I thought the republic would be disgraced and damaged. I had no f**king idea.”

One user joked in a meme that inauguration day in Washington D.C. was going to require some heavy coats, because it was going to be “-45,” making a joke about how the city will soon be free of the nation’s 45th president:

One user posted video people running up to a Trump balloon and literally kicking it in the butt, while joking about how the “pre-inauguration parade” had already underway with the “#ByeFelicia” message.

Even Melania Trump  was hit with “#ByeFelicia” tweets, especially after she refused to offer incoming FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden  a tour of the White House living quarters, which is traditional among outgoing and incoming first ladies. User@oXxRowanxXo noted, Melania Trump gives a Farewell Message about love & kindness….this while she refuses to invite to the White House Dr Jill Biden as tradition dictates. The countdown to your leaving can’t go fast enough……#ByeFelicia.” Come 12 noon EST on Jan. 20, a new Trump-free presidency begins!

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