Gigi Hadid Reveals The Peculiar Moment She Found Out She Was Pregnant: ‘I Was So Nauseous’

Gigi Hadid revealed how she found out she was pregnant in a Twitter Q&A. The moment of revelation happened right before a major fashion show.

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Gigi Hadid
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Image Credit: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews

Gigi Hadid found out she was pregnant right at her workplace. In a throwback runway post on Jan. 18, the 25-year-old mother revealed that she had already been pregnant while walking at 2020 New York Fashion Week for Jacquemus‘ show. So, that led a fan to ask on Twitter, “when did you walk for jacquemus, did you already know that you were pregnant? or you only knew after?”

Gigi revealed that she found out about her pregnancy after the Jacquemus show, while preparing for a different catwalk and fashion week. “Yes, I found out the day before the Tom Ford show,” Gigi replied, referring to the designer’s Feb. 2020 show that took place at Paris Fashion Week.

Gigi Hadid was already pregnant in the photo above taken on a Jacquemus runway in Jan. 2020, which the model confirmed in the Instagram post below. (Photo Credit: AP/Instagram)

Gigi Hadid

“I was so nauseous backstage [emoji] but I learned I could kinda control it if I continuously ate, so my mom would pack me snacks before each show,” the supermodel continued. “But I learned I could kinda control it if I continuously ate, so my mom would pack me snacks before each show.”

At the mention of snacks, another fan chimed into the Q&A to ask, “What was your favorite pregnancy craving/snack?” Gigi admitted that her cravings “went [in] waves” and extended to goodies like “everything bagels/ extra cream cheese,” “triple chunk brownies” and “sourdough toast & tomato olive oil salad w lots of salt and pepper” for breakfast. Gigi ended the list with “Z’s ribs w fries,” presumably referring to a culinary treat from her boyfriend and the father of her now four-month-old daughter, Zayn Malik!
Gigi and Zayn confirmed the arrival of their first child in Sept. 2020, but have yet to reveal the baby’s name. Fans took their guesses after Zayn dropped his new album, Nobody Is Listening, on Jan. 15.
Although Gigi and Zayn may be private about sharing their family life, they “have never been happier,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife right before the new year. The insider added, “They’re both so head over heels in love with their little girl, she really is a dream come true for the whole family. Gigi says becoming parents was the best thing that has ever happened to her and Zayn. It’s given them a common purpose and they’re totally united.”