How Brittany Aldean Plans To Lose Her ‘Quarantine Weight’ & Why It’s The Perfect Diet For Busy Women

Quarantining hasn't been easy on the diet, but now that it's 2021, it's time to get it in gear. Brittany Aldean revealed her go-to plan that's perfect for busy women!

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When we entered quarantine in 2020, most diets and health plans went out the window as we tried to navigate our new normal. Now, as we near a full year of battling the ongoing pandemic by continuing to stay inside and social distance, it’s time to get our health back under control. That’s exactly what Brittany Aldean, wife of country superstar Jason Aldean, is doing this new year! “I feel like now, starting the new year and having high hopes for things becoming a little more normal again, I really want to get it together and get healthy again,” she told in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I function best and feel the best when I’m healthy and I’m doing things right, whether that be exercise, diet, all the above. So for me, I do South Beach Diet, because that’s what works for me and it’s very simple.”

Brittany Aldean for South Beach Diet. (Courtesy of South Beach Diet)

When Brittany gave birth to her daughter Navy, 1, she lost 17 pounds on the South Beach Diet, and told HL that it’s the perfect option for busy women who are on the go. South Beach Diet is a high-protein, low-carb diet, and the mother of two takes advantage of the plan’s meal delivery service and grab and go snacks! “With two children, the last thing I want to do is go to the grocery store with the kids. That’s not fun, especially right now with everything going on, so It’s nice to have something that comes to your house and also being able to grab and go or pop the frozen meal.” Brittany said. “If I just feel myself getting hungry, I’ll pop a meal in the microwave, and then it’s ready. Or, just having those bars that I can throw in my purse and take on the road with me if I’m traveling.”

She continued, “Being a mom and also being at the house a lot, having the at-home deliveries is so nice and just accessible. We’re not huge cooks, so we really depend on the frozen meals. I personally love the breakfast sandwiches.”

Brittany Aldean for South Beach Diet. (Courtesy of South Beach Diet)

Brittany added that Jason is also joining her in adapting the South Beach lifestyle at home. “He wants to look good, too. So, he’s like, ‘If you’re on it, then I’m on it with you. Let’s do it together.’ And it makes it easier when one person’s not indulging and you’re trying to be good about things. Doing it together is really nice,” she gushed.

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