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Tayshia Adams Reveals Whether She’s Moving To NY To Live With Zac Clark After Engagement

In Tayshia Adams' first interview since 'The Bachelorette' finale, she opened up about where her relationship with Zac Clark stands four months after their big engagement.

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The world finally knows that Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark got engaged on The Bachelorette, which was filmed over the summer. One day after the show’s finale aired, Tayshia showed up on Good Morning America to dish on life post-engagement, and she couldn’t help but gush over life with her fiance! “It was really beautiful to watch back,” Tayshia said of The Bachelorette finale. “You could really see how much love we hae and how authentic and genuine we are.”

Zac added, “The beautiful thing is that, all the reasons I fell in love with her on the show remain true today in our daily life. It was a special night to watch it all back.” Meanwhile, Tayshia also dished on where she plans to live now that she’s engaged to Zac — after all, he lives in New York, and she’s from California. “We’re going to be spending Christmas in New York, whih is going to be amazing,” Tayshia revealed. “I’m going to be bicoastal. I’m looking forward to spending some time in New York with him and getting used to being bicoastal.”

tayshia adams zac clark
Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark after getting engaged. (ABC)

As for wedding plans — they’re not rushing it. “We’re just going with the flow at this moment,” the Bachelorette confirmed. “We’re just going to date each other.” Zac had some more specific ideas, but agreed that it’s all up to Tayshia. “I want a big wedding when the day does come,” he admitted. “She might think differently and she’s going to get what she wants, but I want to date her and take her out an do all those things!”

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Zac Clark proposes to Tayshia Adams on ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)


Tayshia went through a whirlwind of emotions during her last few weeks on The Bachelorette. One contestant, Brendan Morais, eliminated himself during the pair’s fantasy suite date when he realized that he wasn’t ready to get engaged. Then, a contestant who Tayshia had previously sent home herself, Ben Smith, showed up before the next rose ceremony. She decided to give Ben another shot, and wound up sending Ivan Hall home due to their different religious beliefs.

That left Ben and Zac as the final two, giving them an opportunity to meet Tayshia’s family. Tayshia was torn, but she finally gained clarity about what she needed to do. She decided to eliminate Ben ahead of the final rose ceremony, making Zac her final choice. They both professed their love for each other in the midst of the desert, and Zac proposed with a stunning, emerald cut ring. Now, they’re gearing up for their first holiday together as a couple — and they can finally enjoy showing off their love in public!