​Kendall Jenner Dishes About The Change She Made To Her Diet To Eliminate Acne After Years-Long Struggle

After years of struggling with acne, Kendall Jenner finally found the secret to clear skin by making a big change to her diet, in addition to her intense skincare routine.

It took quite a few years, but Kendall Jenner finally has her skincare regimen down pat. It’s not just about the products she uses on her face, though. The supermodel did a DIY skincare and makeup tutorial for Vogue, and she opened up about her struggle with acne, and how she overcame it.

“I always tried to figure out for so long why my skin was breaking out — was it hormones, was it what I’m eating, am I allergic to something, am I using the wrong products?” Kendall explained. “Once I got my regimen down, I knew it wasn’t what I was putting on my face. I started. thinking about my diet a lot and I decided to cut out dairy. Not entirely, I love cheese, so it’s hard for me to cut out cheese. But that honestly helped me so much. I [also] drink tons of water, as much as I can or remember to.”

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner shows off her avocado face mask in a video for ‘Vogue.’ (Vogue/YouTube)

Kendall’s diet change is proof that what you put into your body can definitely affect what your skin looks like on the outside! Of course, she does still spend a lot of time on her skincare routine, too. “I’ve just been really into [skincare] for so long just because I had acne-prone skin,” she admitted. “For me, it’s something that was an obvious thing that I felt I needed to get into. Seeing my own skincare journey has taught me so much. I’ve come up with this regimen and routine that really works for me and it’s been okay since. I obviously am human. I have my breakouts here and there, but it’s been so much better than what it was before.”

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner is all smiles at a red carpet event. (AP Images)

In the video, Kendall also shared some of her DIY skincare tips — including a mask with B. Powered Superfood Honey by Beekeeper’s Naturals, avocado and organic lavender oil. Over the years, the now-25-year-old has been open about struggling with acne. At the beginning of 2019, she even became the face of Proactiv! The partnership came after Kendall made headlines for breaking out at the 2018 Golden Globes. She was praised for not being afraid to walk the red carpet with acne.

“Never let that s*** stop you,” she told a fan, who complimented her look at the show, on Twitter. However, Kendall admittedly used to struggle with her breakouts. “Most of my sisters had really beautiful skin, which was hard for me to look at as a young girl,” Kendall admitted in a 2019 interview. “When I was super little, all I had to look up to was my sisters that were beautiful and had this amazing skin. [I would question], like, what is happening to me? All of you are amazing and I have to struggle.”

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