Jon Gosselin Shockingly Reveals Ex Kate Has Only Had ‘1.5 Hours Of Contact’ With Son Collin, 16, In 5 Years

Jon Gosselin sat down for a tell-all interview on 'The Dr. Oz Show,' and made a shocking claim about how often his ex-wife, Kate, has talked with their son Collin.

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Jon Gosselin has accused his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin , of barely making contact with their 16-year-old Collin over the past half of a decade. Jon, who has custody of two out of the eight children they share — Collin and Hannah, 16 — made the claim during his interview on The Dr. Oz Show that aired on Nov. 10. “I saw Kate in court last year. Collin….in five years she’s had an hour and a half [of] contact with him,” Jon alleged to Dr. Oz.

Jon Gosselin with his kids Hannah and Collin, whom he has full custody of. (Photo Courtesy of Instagram)

Jon didn’t win full custody of Collin until 2018, but before that, the teen had been staying at a treatment center that Kate sent him to in 2016 — a move that horrified Collin’s dad. “I’m trying to play catch up. [Collin] lost three years of his life because he was institutionalized wrongly by his mother,” Jon insisted during his interview with Dr. Oz.  He continued, “[Collin] was not educated during that time, which is against the law. His mother could be in trouble for that.”
Although Jon has previously been critical of Kate for sending their son to a program for children with special needs “without a diagnosis,” he reported that Collin now has a “couple” diagnoses that the father didn’t wish to disclose. However, Jon did say this: “We have a team of people – two therapists, in-home therapy, family therapy. Plus he has a psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner. It’s a whole team and organizations working towards it. He’s starting to realize people are behind him, but he has to realize and accept what God has given him. And the environment which he came out of.”
Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin
A throwback photo of Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin with seven of their eight children. (Photo Credit: SplashNews)
Jon went on to slam Kate some more in the interview, whom he has been feuding with since the end of their 10-year marriage in 2009. In Sept. 2020, Kate did an interview with PEOPLE in which she confirmed her ex-husband was being investigated and called for him to be “charged with a crime” after their son, Collin, accused Jon of punching and kicking him in since-deleted Instagram messages shared this past August. However, the County of Berks, Pennsylvania Child & Youth Services (CYS) confirmed in a letter that “the report of suspected child abuse on Collin was unfounded,” and the District Attorney said that “no charges or citations were filed as a result of the incident.”
With his name cleared, Jon was furious at Kate for discussing the investigation with an outlet. “She wanted to ride the coattails of this article. She wants to be famous. She suffers from narcissistic personality disorder,” Jon insisted. The former reality television star also explained what happened on the day Collin accused his dad of abuse, which involved a confrontation that led Jon having to do a  “therapeutic restraint” on his son — you can read that part of the interview, here.
In addition to Jon’s most recent claim about Kate and Collin’s contact with one another, Jon also revealed that both Collin and Hannah have “no contact” with their other siblings (16-year-old sextuplets LeahJoelAlexis, and Aaden and 20-year-old twins Cara and Mady) in Feb. 2020. “The problem right now is we have parent alienation and we have sibling alienation,” Jon had said during his interview on the First Class Fatherhood podcast.