Garcelle Leaves ‘The Real’ Co-Hosts Speechless After Revealing Intimate Secret About Jamie Foxx

'The Real' newcomer Garcelle Beauvais had her fellow co-hosts on the floor (literally) on the Sept. 29 show, after she admitted that Jamie Foxx is... well endowed.

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Garcelle Beauvais & Jamie Foxx
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To this day, fans continue to ship a romance between longtime friends Garcelle Beauvais and Jamie Foxx. And, she certainly fueled the matter by admitting that her former The Jamie Foxx Show co-star is “hung like a horse!” Garcelle first spoke about Jamie’s unmentionables during a conversation with the actor on a recent episode of her podcast, Going to Bed with Garcelle. The NSFW discussion was so steamy that it spilled over to The Real on Tuesday. — Watch co-host Loni Love interrogate Garcelle about her close relationship with Jamie:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star — who’s the newest co-host on The Real — broke down her relationship with Jamie after Loni asked what’s really going on between the two. “Listen, we have such a great friendship,” Garcelle began. When we were doing The Jamie Foxx Show we sort of had a pact, like, we’re not going to date while we’re working together. So, two weeks before we were done with our 100th episode, which was amazing in itself, I got engaged and he’s like, ‘You couldn’t wait two weeks?’,” she recalled.

However, Garcelle and Jamie never ended up taking their friendship to the next level. “We have a great friendship, I love him, but you know sometimes – if we got together we probably wouldn’t be the friends we are right now,” she admitted.

Garcelle Beauvais & Jamie Foxx
Garcelle Beauvais & Jamie Foxx at the 2019 Sean Penn J/P HRO & Disaster Relief Organizations Gala at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on January 5, 2019. (Photo credit: AP)

While The Real co-host Jeannie Mai was still picking herself up off the floor, Adrienne Bailon chimed in with a hard-hitting question for Garcelle: “How do you know how he’s hung [like a horse]?”

Garcelle explained, “We did 100 episodes right. Every now and then, he’d have to rip off a pair of pants, or do some comedic act or whatever, however you want to say it. And, it came out honey, it rolled out,” she revealed, while laughing. “I love him so much. Never say never, who knows?”

Garcelle, 53, and Jamie, 52, met while starring as Jamie and Fancy in the WB sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show, which aired from 1996 to 2001. Their characters eventually became romantic, which aided in the real-life romance campaign developed by fans. Garcelle and Jamie later reunited on the big screen in the action film, White House Down. Unfortunately, the timing never seemed right for their friendship to blossom into something more — which was a topic of discussion between to the pair on Garcelle’s podcast.

Garcelle Beauvais & Jamie Foxx
Garcelle Beauvais & Jamie Foxx at the New York premiere of ‘White House Down’ on June 25, 2013. (Photo credit: AP)

“I seen you with the dude, you introduced me — ‘This is my man,’ and it was all uncomfortable,” Jamie recalled on Garcelle’s podcast. She replied, “By the way, you never really give any guy that I’m with any real attention.”

“Ever. I hate them all,” Jamie jokingly admitted. “I think me and you should have been together. So every time I see them, I’m like, ‘Damn. I f–ked up.’ So every dude, I give them a really s–ty look.”

Garcelle and Jamie went on to joke about their longstanding friendship. “We’re in a relationship forever,” she said before joking that he’s “hung like a horse.” We hope the kids weren’t listening for that one!