Kate Hudson Reveals her Son Ryder, 16, Is Taller Than Her While Standing Side-By-Side

It appears that Kate Hudson looks up to her teenage son – literally. While speaking with Rachael Ray, the 'Raising Helen' star showed off how her teen, Ryder Robinson, was so much taller than her!

“My son – you’re so distracting. My teen just came in here,” Kate Hudson said during a Sept. 16 appearance on the Rachael Ray Show. In a segment dubbed “Kate’s Kitchen Tour,” the 41-year-old Almost Famous star showed Rachael Ray around her kitchen when she stopped to look off-screen. It seems that her son, 16-year-old Ryder Robinson, had walked in, and it completely threw Kate off-track. At first, Ryder, 16, was a bit camera shy, but after some persuading, he walked in front of the camera to stand by Kate…and he almost towered over his mom!

“He’s six feet [tall],” said Kate, and Rachael, 52, remarked how he was “way taller” than the actress. Sadly, he hasn’t used this height advantage in the kitchen. In fact, both he and Kate laughed after Rachael asked if he helps out with cooking and cleaning. Despite Ryder argued he was “one of the more helpful [people] in the house,” Kate revealed how he would just throw his dirty dishes into the dishwasher. “I open the dishwasher and the like, the plate – he’s taken the whole dishwasher [up] because he’s put his plate in there – with an entire sandwich on it, let’s be honest.”

Kate Hudson and her son, Ryder (ABC)

Despite Ryder being slightly awkward when it comes to doing the dishes, Kate praised her boy by telling him he’s a “great older brother.” Ryder is Kate’s oldest. She and ex-husband Chris Robinson, frontman for The Black Crowes, welcomed Ryder in 2004. Kate and Chris separated in 2006 and finalized their divorce the next year. In 2011, Kate and Muse’s lead singer Matt Bellamy welcomed a son together, Bingham Bellamy. Though Kate and Matt ended their relationship in 2014, they remain on good terms.

In 2017, Kate and actor and musician Danny Fujikawa began dating. The next year, they welcomed their daughter, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa. “Kind beautiful man, your pure love is such a gift,” wrote Kate when revealing the first look of their baby girl. In the video, Danny held his newborn in his lap while rubbing the side of her head with his thumbs. The baby grabbed one of his fingers and doesn’t let go, prompting Danny to look over to Kate with love in his eyes.

Kate Hudson in her kitchen during a ‘Rachael Ray’ episode. (ABC)

Family is at the heart of Kate’s upcoming film, Music. Based on a short story Sia wrote in 2007, Kate stars alongside Leslie Odom Jr., Hector Elizondo, and Mary Kay Place. The film follows the character Music (Maddie Zeigler), an autistic teenager, as she goes to live with her sober, drug-dealing sister (Kate). Sia wrote 10 songs for the soundtrack and released the title track (with colorful video) in May.

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