Blac Chyna Gushes Over Not Needing Child Support From Rob Kardashian: It’s ‘My Biggest Flex’

Forget all the clothes in her closet, the cars in her garage, or the gold on her fingers. Blac Chyna says her most powerful 'flex' is that she doesn't need Rob Kardashian's help to take care of their daughter, Dream!

Take one look at Blac Chyna’s Instagram, and you know she’s not afraid to show off. Every other day, she’s either dancing beside her fleet of expensive cars, posing in some custom-made designer outfit, or reminding her 16-plus million followers that she’s all about that money. Yet, when Blac, 32, didn’t pick any of those when SiriusXM Hip Hop Nation host Swaggie Sie asked what her “biggest flex” was during a Sept. 15 broadcast. “My biggest flex?” said Blac. “Honestly, I mean, just honestly taking care of my kids by myself as a single parent, with no child support. So that’s my biggest flex.”

“I don’t get no child support. That’s my biggest flex,” added Blac. For those who forgot, Blac is the mother of Tyga’s son, King Cairo Stevenson, 7, and Rob Kardashian’s daughter, Dream Kardashian, 3. She was rightfully proud that she could support both her kids without needing Rob, 33, or Tyga, 30, to help pay her bills.

Blac has maintained she’s been an independent woman, despite reports that Rob was reportedly shelling out $20,000 a month in child support. Rob and Chyna allegedly reached an agreement in Mar. 2019 where he would no longer have to make those payments, according to TMZ. A month earlier, Chyna went on a wild rant, claiming she never wanted his help. “Ya know what’s so wild to me is that I never asked Tyga for child support, Rob for child support or whatever, and then we just went to court, or whatnot, and I tried to squash it, which I did,” Blac said during a Feb. 2019 Instagram Live session.

“It’s only negative sh-t with Chyna… We went to court mediation and sh-t, and I squashed it ’cause I never wanted no money from Rob, ’cause it was never about that, period,” she added. “I have kids by two guys that f-cking tricked me, whatever, and they don’t give me sh-t, no child support, and I’m sick of that sh*t. Rob didn’t help me, Tyga ain’t help me… but like try to like, smack me down, period, and I’m just letting y’all know this, all this sh-t, I built BY MYSELF.”

Blac Chyna attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey (AP)

Though Blac and Rob have settled their child support case, her lawsuit against the Kardashian family is still ongoing. Blac sued the Kardashians in Oct. 2017, alleging they interfered in her show Rob & Chyna, and allegedly caused the show’s cancelation. Chyna also claimed that racism led to Rob & Chyna getting the ax. This prompted the Kardashians to issue a statement that accused Chyna of “changing her defense to try to leverage the emotions and pain of the moment, insulting the pain and suffering of real victims of racial injustice and systemic racism.”

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