Halle Berry Claps Back At Sade Haters Who Reduce Her Success To Being ‘Light-Skinned’ & ‘Thin’

Halle Berry showed support for Sade when she took to social media and clapped back at haters who attributed the Nigerian-born British singer's success on her 'light skin'.

Halle Berry Defends Sade
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Halle Berry, 54, took to Twitter on Aug. 31 and clapped back at a hater who slammed singer Sade, 61, for trying to attribute her success to colorism. After one user tried to pit Sade against Jhené Aiko, 32, and blamed the “Smooth Operator” singer’s achievements on her being “thin & light skinned”, Halle made sure to show support for the Nigerian-born British singer.

“I know y’all not comin for Sade Adu. I know I heard that wrong,” the A-list actress captioned one of Grammy winner‘s most iconic snapshots wearing nothing but a white towel, red turban and her signature hoops. Like Halle, Sade is biracial; half-Nigerian (on her dad’s side) and half-white (on her mom’s side).

Halle Berry Defends Sade
Halle Berry took to Twitter on Aug. 31 and clapped back at a hater who slammed singer Sade for trying to attribute her success to colorism. (Photo credit: Twitter)

After Halle’s tweet went viral, the original poster whose Twitter handle is @KammyTaughtYou fessed up and replied to Halle’s tweet. “It was me, and I love you,” she commented with a laughing emoji. The Academy Award-winning actress responded to Kammy’s tweet, “Lol! All in good fun queen, have a beautiful day.” Halle added a heart and laughing emoji alongside her reply, showing there was no bad blood between the ladies.

Halle wasn’t the only one to come to Sade’s defense as countless fans commented on the trending thread. “Let them know!!! Sade is pure class. Her music is art. Her voice is pain. This is the definition of a true musical artist, someone who bares their soul in song,” one follower tweeted. “They done lost their ever-loving mind. Queen Sade is literally her own genre. She is an immortal icon. A LOT of y’all wouldn’t even BE here right now without her catalog,” another user replied.

Meanwhile, Sade keeps a low profile on social media but her son, Izaak Theo, occasionally shares photos of his mom on Instagram. Ever since Izaak came out as transgender in 2016, he shares how much Sade fully supports him and fills his Instagram with photos and messages thanking his mom for standing by his side throughout his journey. The latest series of photos Izaak shared was on April 6 where he posted several throwbacks with his mom and captioned the heartwarming images, “My inspiration, thank you for being you Mumma.”

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