‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Preview: Hazel-E Goes Off On De’Von & Feels He’s ‘Insecure’ Over Lie Detector Test

Hazel-E and De'Von get into their nastiest fight yet in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Marriage Boot Camp.' Hazel-E calls De'Von 'insecure,' and he tells her to stop acting like she's 16!

Things get very heated between Hazel-E and De’Von in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 27 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. Hazel-E and De’Von confront each other, and it isn’t pretty. Hazel-E calls out De’Von for his attitude. “That’s why you’re over here acting all insecure and sh*t ’cause you know yo a** is gonna be exposed,” she says in our EXCLUSIVE preview. “Don’t be all anxious with me ’cause you gotta take a lie detector test.”

Hazel-E is not a fan of how De’Von is acting whatsoever. “I think it’s disrespectful,” she admits in her confessional. “Are you seeking attention and validation from people you don’t know? But I’m just gonna let him know what it is so I don’t look like a b*tch.”

De’Von & Hazel-E get into a fight during the Aug. 27 episode. (WE tv)

De’Von has plenty to say about Hazel-E, too. “I’m waiting for you to grow the f**k up,” De’Von says. “Act 35. Don’t act 16.” Hazel-E gets up out of her chair and storms toward De’Von. Security has to step in.

“Keep the f**k on,” Hazel-E repeats over and over. “So what the f**k are you saying?” He quips, “I’m saying I don’t need this sh*t. I don’t give a f**k about none of this sh*t.”

Hazel-E De'Von
Hazel-E & De’Von are working on their relationship. (WE tv)

Both Hazel-E and De’Von are fed up at this point. Hazel-E tells De’Von to leave her alone. “You can get the f**k out of my face,” she adds. When he just stands there and doesn’t leave, she goes off, “Now you want to fix it. Ain’t nobody got time. Nobody has time for the games, but you want to try it. You want to get cute, so get cute. You cute.”

And with that, De’Von snaps. “F**k you,” he says as he slams the door in front of her. “Dumb b*tch.” Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hip Edition airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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