Sia Goes To The Bathroom During A Radio Interview & Has No Shame: ‘Stars Are Just Like Us’

The beauty of calling in to a radio interview is the hosts can't see the guests. Sia used that opportunity to use the toilet while talking to a top Australian morning show, but was busted by the sound of it flushing.

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Image Credit: MEGA

Maybe Sia needs to start taking bathroom breaks in between her radio press tour interviews. The “Cheap Thrills” hitmaker spent a long day of doing promotional spots on Fri. Aug. 14, and ended up using the toilet — which loudly flushed – during her extensive chat with Nova FM’s Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’Neill show. Sia’s bathroom break and her hilarious confession about it could have been edited out since the interview wasn’t live and aired on Aug. 17. But she was so charming and funny that her restroom needs were kept in for listeners to hear, which you can listen to beginning around the 26 minute mark here.

Even before the hosts played Sia’s interview, they told their audience, “We’ve already recorded it. We did it on Friday. She did something we’ve never had a guest do…she went to the toilet. It’s quite an extraordinary start to the interview.” Sure enough, several minutes in, Sia — doing the interview from her home in L.A. — was talking about going out to Joshua Tree to watch a meteor shower when her phone became muffled like she was in a smaller space. Then a loud flush could be heard while Sia kept chatting away.

Sia shows her beautiful face minus her wig coverup while attending New York Fashion Week in 2012. Photo credit MEGA.

“Hang on, did you just take a piss? Did you really just go to the toilet while you’re doing an interview with us?” one of the hosts with a keen ear for the sound asked. “Yeah, you heard me and I flushed too. I have no shame,” the 44-year-old singer responded. Another stunned host wondered “you really just went to the toilet while you’re doing an interview with us?”

“I did,” Sia replied. “But guess what? Stars are just like us.” Then she was probed further about her bathroom needs, with a host asking, “Why don’t you take a sh*t and we’ll get the whole thing?” She laughed and told them, “Unfortunately, I don’t need to take a sh*t.”

Sia admitted at the top of the chat that it was her eighth interview of the day and her throat was already super sore from talking so much. Apparently her bladder was also quite full. But her potty break was just a small part of her lengthy interview with Fitzy and Wippa. When they mentioned a segment that they do called “We’ve Got Your Back” to help Australians who in 2020 have already gone through devastating bush fires followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the always charitable singer wanted to help. The Australian native told them “I know you guys like do-gooding and I like do-gooding so let’s do something together.” She then gave the show $100,000 for the hosts to help out people who they decide need it the most. What an absolute angel!

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