Chris Cuomo, 50, Drives Fans Wild While Flexing His Biceps On TikTok: He’s ‘Ripped’ — Watch

Chris Cuomo's body sure has bounced back after a terrible bout with COVID-19. The CNN host is now totally buff thanks to rigorous workouts, and flexed his muscles in his daughter's new TikTok video.

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Image Credit: Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Chris Cuomo has got to be the most ripped newsman ever! The CNN host showed off that not only has his body bounced back from a severe case of COVID-19, he’s never looked hotter. The 50-year-old made a cameo appearance in his 17-year-old daughter Bella‘s Aug. 15 TikTok video where she did a dance to “Money Trees” by Black Hippy featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock. She appeared to have taped the video in her family’s home gym, as her sweaty and buff dad came into the frame to do some serious muscle flexing.

Chris could be seen wearing a sleeveless black t-shirt and shorts, and was glistening with sweat from his workout. Even his perfect newsman hair was spiky due to perspiration. But it was the massive gun show going on with his arms that caught the attention of CNN fans. He lifted his arm to show off his ripped bicep, then turned it downward to display his buff tricep.

This didn’t seem to be an accidental cameo either, as Chris seemed pretty intent on showing off his incredibly fit body. His daughter started out dancing, wearing a white tank crop top and drawstring shorts. She then looked over to her side and in came Chris, moving a plastic cup of water to his other hand to that he was free to flex with his arm that was visible. The video — which Bella captioned “dance dance revolution” — got over 122K likes and plenty of swooning comments from CNN viewers.

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo attends the Turner Networks 2018 Upfront presentation in New York on May 16, 2018. Photo credit: Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Chris’ incredible muscles are all the more remarkable following his terrifying case of COVID-19 that the bravely battled in early April 2020. He lost 13 pounds in only three days, and suffered from extreme fever, headaches, pain and shivering so bad that he chipped one of his teeth. Chris even hallucinated that he had a conversation with his late father, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

Chris — who’s older brother is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — appeared on a CNN Global Town Hall broadcast on Apr. 2, where he updated viewers on his condition. He was quarantined in the basement of his family’s home in the Hamptons. “I’m a big guy, I started off at 230 pounds. My wife is feeding me like we were still in the dating phase,” he explained. “So it’s not like I’m hurting for nutrition. I’m eating and drinking constantly. I’m just sweating it out, and it’s the sickness.” He also said his vision was blurry, especially in his left eye, due to sinus pressure. Four months later, he’s back to being that “big guy” with his buff body.

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