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Ammika Harris Shares Cryptic ‘Wife’ Post After She & Chris Brown Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris seem to have had a falling out. They aren't following each other on Instagram, and now she's posting about not wanting to talk to a man unless they want to 'wife' her.

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Chris Brown and Ammika Harris
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Fans are wondering what exactly is going on between Chris Brown and Ammika Harris , the mother of his eight-month-old son Aeko. The singer had been leaving lots of swoon-worthy comments about the beauty in her Instagram posts throughout 2020. On July 17, Chris left the sexy comment, “HI MOMMA,” in all caps next to an eye and heart emoji when Ammika shared an IG photo in a strapless dress. As a result, followers in the comments begged Breezy to “put a ring on it.” But the then Chris and Ammika abruptly stopped following each other in late July. Now she has shared an Instagram story about not wanting to talk to someone unless they wanted her as a wife, as she and Breezy seem to be in a cooling off period.

Ammika Harris
Ammika Harris leaves a cryptic message in her Instagram stories on Aug. 14, 2020, after she and Chris Brown unfollowed each other.

Ammika shared an IG story on Aug. 14 that read, “I’m at a ‘dont’ talk to me unless you wanna wife me’ stage.” At the same time, Chris has stopped following nearly everybody, and seems to be taking a personal time out. Despite just crossing the 70 million followers mark himself, the 31-year-old is only currently only following six-year-old daughter Royalty Brown‘s account, as well as that of Nike’s Jordan line.

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris
Chris Brown and Ammika Harris enjoy the nightlife at Le Cirque Club in Paris during Paris Fashion Week on Jan. 19, 2019. Photo credit: BACKGRID.

As we previously reported EXCLUSIVELY, “Chris and Ammika unfollowed each other on social media but it won’t last long. Their relationship is complicated but who could blame them? They have their ups and downs just like everybody else, plus they’re living under a microscope with the added pressure of being on different continents.”

Ammika and Aeko are still living in Germany, while Chris resides in Los Angeles. It is unclear when the singer last saw his son in person. He did share an Instagram photo of his little mini-me dressed in a cute baby Burberry outfit on Aug. 5 with the caption “Baby love.” But it isn’t the same as the close bond he has with Royalty, who lives nearby Chris and gets plenty of daddy-daughter time with the “Back to Love” singer. They even did a fun IG dance video together on Aug. 11 to celebrate RoRo’s account crossing the one million followers mark.

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris
Chris Brown and Ammika Harris arrive at his hotel in Paris on Jan. 23, 2019. Photo credit: BACKGRID.

“The long distance is extremely hard and sometimes social media just makes it worse so they are both taking a break from being on each other’s pages right now,” a second source told us EXCLUSIVELY. “This has happened before and they still talked to each other in real life and that’s the same now. They have a complicated relationship. But no matter what is going on with them, Chris and Ammika always stay in regular contact because of Aeko.”