Candace Cameron Bure Admits She ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If ‘Fuller House’ Returns & Is ‘Not Saying Goodbye’ To DJ Yet

Candace Cameron Bure spoke to HL about the final season of 'Fuller House' & revealed that it might not be the end just yet!

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Candace Cameron Bure
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While the final season of Fuller House hit Netflix in June, Candace Cameron Bure spoke to on our podcast and revealed that “even though the show has ended” she “wouldn’t be surprised” if it came back in a “different iteration!” The star added that she “definitely has not said goodbye to DJ Tanner.”

“She will always be a part of me,” Candace told HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview, while promoting her partnership with StarKist. “While we don’t have plans to come back yet… I wouldn’t be surprised if we do, and so I’m not saying goodbye to her.” The mother of 3 did admit that when the show first ended in 1995, she was ready have a break from the role. “The first time around, I was really excited to move on, as much as I loved the show, I was 18, just met my soon-to-be husband and so I was just happy to go to the next stage of my life,” she said.

Candace Cameron-Bure arrives at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019, in Hermosa Beach, Calif. (AP)

Candace added that she has seen the petitions from fans to revive the show already! “For right now, I am so satisfied with what has gone on with the show and so happy the way they finished it off, but if the fans keep wanting it, I have no doubt that the network’s will hear it and do something about it,” she teased.

Although the cast of Fuller House was unable to celebrate their final season as they normally would due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Candace said they talk all the time and were “so proud” of the show. “We’ve really loved every minute of doing the show together and we had a really great five seasons, so when this all happened it was definitely a bit of a letdown because we all have so much love for the show and we were all so excited to go out and promote it as the series finale,” she explained. “Obviously that wasn’t in the cards, but I think people did just appreciate it so much watching in quarantine. It felt like a little a little gift to like keep people going and especially the kids that love the show.”

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