‘Fuller House’s Juan Pablo Di Pace Admits He’d ‘Love’ To Do A Kimmy & Fernando Spinoff

'Fuller House' may be over, but Juan Pablo Di Pace told HL that he's already down for a Kimmy and Fernando spinoff. He raved over co-star Andrea Barber and said they don't want their 'chemistry' to slip away.

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The final episodes of Fuller House, which debuted on Netflix June 2, were full of so many amazing moments. From a triple wedding to Stephanie revealing she’s pregnant to Kimmy and Stephanie not moving out, the show wrapped up in a perfect little bow. However, given that Kimmy, Stephanie, and their loved ones are sticking around with D.J., the possibility for more Fuller House down the road isn’t out of the question.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Juan Pablo Di Pace about his thoughts on a revival down the road. “I would work with those people in a heartbeat again!” Juan Pablo said. “I would love to work with Andrea Barber again. She and I have this chemistry that we sort of don’t want to let go of, so it would be amazing. I would love to see how these two came to be on a spinoff or something. We will see what happens. After people binge-watch this, then the powers that be can say… wait a second.”

Fuller House
The She-Wolf triple wedding happened in the series finale of ‘Fuller House.’ (Netflix)

Kimmy and Fernando became an instant fan-favorite duo when Fernando first entered the picture. Juan Pablo discussed why he thinks Kimmy and Fernando are so right for each other in all their wacky glory. “There is a quintessential love for each other that will never go away, and we sort of have seen that blossom more and more in each season,” the actor said. “Having started with a really rocky beginning and him being unfaithful to her, I think that just made it stronger and people fell in love with these two, so I think it will be happy [for them]. I imagine them as grandparents in some ways.”

Kimmy and Fernando already have one kid, the sassy Ramona. When asked whether or not the couple may have another kid, Juan Pablo teased, “Maybe a little baby Gibbler or maybe a little boy — a little Fernando!”

Andrea barber Juan Pablo di Pace
Kimmy and Fernando have been quite the scene-stealing duo on ‘Fuller House.’ (Netflix)

The cast of Fuller House is incredibly close after 5 seasons together. They’re like family. For Juan Pablo, the show coming to an end is “bittersweet” but he knows the impact of the show will live on.

“It has been a really incredible ride,” he told HollywoodLife. “Five years on a show is not a simple feat at all nowadays. To even have 2 seasons is kind of miraculous, but to have 5 was incredible and great. It was a great half of ten years. That is a long time. With these awesome people, to laugh every single time we were on set, to bring laughter to people in their houses, it is bittersweet because when something is good you don’t want it to end. We have all become best friends, so it is a bummer that we aren’t going to spend time with each other daily, but it is a sweet feeling. It is not just bittersweet, it is a good feeling that we created something that will be there forever. I still get messages every single day from different people all around the world, just saying how awesome this thing is and going on about how it reconnects them with their children and how it is helping with families to pass the time and not think of the craziness for a couple of hours. Those are all positives, so I am not crying that much because, who knows, it might just come back as Fullest House or Even Fuller House.”

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