BTS Reveals First Teaser For ‘Dynamite’ & Fans Are Losing It Over The Hair Makeovers

Stop everything. — BTS just unveiled new teaser photos from their upcoming digital single, 'Dynamite'! The group debuted amazing hair transformations in the individual shots, which reflect each member's unique style!

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Image Credit: Dynamite

BTS, baby! The seven talented males who make up the South Korean supergroup debuted hair makeovers in new teaser photos for their upcoming digital single “Dynamite” on Monday. RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook “individually show off their carefree moods through their unique poses and styles” in the photos, released on August 10. The portraits feature each member standing in front of a white background. — Take a look, below!

RM of BTS. (Photo credit: Dynamite)

BTS — an acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Beyond the Scene” — give their fans (aka, ARMY) a glimpse of their individual personalities in the photos, as mentioned in a press release by Big Hit Entertainment. Each photo encompasses each member’s own style and attitude, which makes the boyband so special.

Jung Kook of BTS
Jung Kook of BTS. (Photo credit: Dynamite)

From denim looks, to colorful threads and patterned shirts, BTS’ fashion game is unmatched in the portraits. Not to mention, the group’s different hairstyles, cuts and colors have their loyal fans dishing compliments all over social media. “His blue hair, their hair! OMG!” one ARMY member tweeted about RM’s blue locks, as well as the rest of the group’s hair.

V of BTS
V of BTS. (Photo credit: Dynamite)

“His fluffy golden brown hair with a mullet,” one fan wrote about V’s hair, which others noted is usually covered under hats.

Jin of BTS
Jin of BTS. (Photo credit: Dynamite)

“Kim Seokjin was/is/will always be the most handsome man in every decade and time period. Don’t even try, he wins always,” another BTS fan wrote about Jin on Twitter.

SUGA of BTS. (Photo credit: Dynamite)

After the photos dropped, BTS started trending on Twitter and eventually secured the No. 1 trending spot on the platform. And, that’s no surprise thanks to the group’s ARMY, which is beyond dedicated to celebrating the band.

Jimin of BTS
Jimin of BTS. (Photo credit: Dynamite)

The BTS Big Hit official Instagram account also shared the portraits in separate posts. Jimin’s photo “has become the fastest individual picture on BTS‘ Instagram to achieve 1M likes in only 30 minutes,” an ARMY member tweeted, noting that the photo was nearing two million likes. 

 j-hope of BTS
j-hope of BTS. (Photo credit: Dynamite)

Fans also couldn’t get over j-hope’s sultry pose and “cool” t-shirt in his portrait, which shows him rocking shades on the back of his head. They also took note of his “edgier” style, as seen above. If there’s one thing BTS fans can agree with, it’s that all seven members “are killin’ it in these teaser photos,” as one Twitter user put it.

BTS plans to reveal more sets of “Dynamite” teaser photos on August 12 and 15, respectively. The new digital single, which is sung in English, is slated for release at midnight ET on August 21.

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