Paris Jackson Confesses She’s ‘Butting Heads’ With BF Gabriel Glenn In ‘Unfiltered’ Finale Teaser

Paris Jackson admits that her relationship with boyfriend and bandmate Gabriel Glenn isn’t always smooth sailing in an exclusive sneak peek of their Facebook Watch show.

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Paris Jackson, Gabriel Glenn
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Paris Jackson, 22, can’t deny that she’s clashing with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, 24, in the final episode of their Facebook Watch show, Unfiltered.

In a new, exclusive preview clip, the singer is openly admitting that she and her Soundflowers bandmate are “butting heads.”

Paris Jackson, Gabriel Glenn
Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn (pictured here in August 2019) experience tension in the season finale of their Facebook Watch show. (MEGA)

“Gabe is a bull and I’m a ram,” Paris tells someone off-camera in a sneak peek of the episode, which premieres on Facebook on Aug. 4. “So we both have gnarly horns and we’re constantly butting heads.”

In a separate confessional, she explains why she thinks their astrological traits contribute to the way that they relate to each other. “A big thing for Aries is we are very impatient, depending on what it is,” says Paris, whose birthday is April 3, in the video below. “The people that we love and things that we care about, we have the patience of a saint. But it’s a very interesting dynamic. We both have double stubborn energy. I’ve always known I was stubborn and I knew that he was stubborn because he’s a Taurus.”

In another, separate confessional she delves deeper into how she views their romance, admitting that she doesn’t believe that Gabriel is her one and only “soulmate.” “Gabe’s definitely only one of my soulmates,” Paris says. “I don’t think soulmates are specifically just romantic partners. In one life Gabe was probably my daughter. And in another life he was probably my grandpa and then in another life he was probably my worst enemy.”

Paris’s comments are very telling when paired with the preview clips of the finale, which were teased at the end of the episode that aired on July 28. At one point, she chokes up as she says, “I can’t see my life without him.”

Paris Jackson, Gabriel Glenn
The Soundflowers (aka Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn) perform at The Mint in Los Angeles in March 2019. (MEGA)

Meanwhile, Gabriel reveals his frustration during a photo shoot, which features the two of them posing with wolves. “I don’t really see any clothes for me here,” the musician says, before grumbling in a confessional, “I felt definitely lower on the totem pole than the wolves.”

What these comments mean for the future of their musical and romantic partnership remains to be seen, but fans can find out more by tuning into Unfiltered: Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn on Facebook at 6am EST on Aug. 4.