Paris Jackson’s BF Gabriel Glenn Reveals How Their Romance Triggers Her ‘Abandonment’ Issues

Gabriel’s struggling to deal with stress in the upcoming episode of ‘Unfiltered’ and he’s well aware that it’s having an impact on Paris.

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Paris Jackson, Gabriel Glenn
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Paris Jackson’s boyfriend Gabriel Glenn confesses that he’s “flighty” and a “runner” when it comes to stressful situations.

And, in the upcoming episode of their Facebook Watch docuseries, he admits that his knee jerk response when things get tough, triggers “abandonment” issues in Paris.

Paris Jackson, Gabriel Glenn
Gabriel Glenn gets candid about his relationship with Paris Jackson in the latest episode of ‘Unfiltered.’ (AP Images)

In the exclusive preview clip of the July 28 episode of Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, which you can see below, the 22-year-old singer gets worried as Gabriel looks tense while they’re on the road.

“Did you sleep OK?” she asks her boyfriend and The Soundflowers bandmate. Then, in a confessional, she tells the camera, “He wears his heart on his sleeve. I can tell when he’s having a bad day. I can tell when something’s wrong. I can tell when he’s mentally not there and he’s kind of like just off disassociating or whatever.”

In a separate confessional, Gabriel admits that, not only is the stress of being on the road getting to him, his response to it could potentially have an impact on his relationship with Paris.

“P craves the physical attention more than most people and definitely more than anybody that I’ve met up until this point,” he says. “Those days are frustrating, but I mean it’s really easy to get burnt out on the road and really easy to get tired and kind of fed up with everything.”

“And I’m really flighty,” Gabriel goes on to say in the clip above. “I’m a runner and that to P is the worst thing ever because it will trigger abandonment things for her.” The preview clip ends before he goes into detail about where he thinks those “abandonment” issues come from.

Paris famously suffered the loss of her father, the legendary Michael Jackson, in June 2009, when she was just 11-years-old. While still grieving the pop star’s sudden death, she survived her painful teenage years, which were marked by a battle with depression that she has spoken about openly. In fact, she wrote “Geronimo,” one of the songs on The Soundflowers self-titled EP, when she in the middle of that turmoil.

“I do wear my heart on my sleeve, or so I’ve been told,” Paris said during a July 14 appearance on Good Morning America. “So people can usually tell when something’s wrong.”

To find out how dealing with Gabriel’s stress impacts Paris and their relationship tune into the latest episode of Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, which goes live on July 28 at 6am EST.