Kardashian Family Brow Artist Kelley Baker Reveals How You Can Get Flawless Arches Like Kylie & Khloe

Khloe Kardashian and her sisters trust Kelley Baker to keep their brows in shape. And now, the sought after artist is sharing her top tips for A-list arches.

Khloe Kardashian, 36,  and her sisters — Kylie Jenner, 22, Kourtney Kardashian, 41, and Kim Kardashian, 39, — always have the most flawless arches. And for the past few years, Kelley Baker has played a big part in their enviable eyebrows.

The owner of Kelley Baker Beauty Salon, who also counts Zendaya, 23, and Ariana Grande , 26, among her clients, tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Kourtney was the first to get her signature Kelley Baker Brow, thanks to celebrity make-up artist Patrick Ta. “He was doing her makeup and she needed her brows done. I know him and I do his brows so he asked me to come and do her brows. A lot of times I will be referred by a makeup artist, because good brows help them do their jobs even better. So, I’ve been doing Kourtney the longest. They’re all so nice, they even give me Christmas presents which is so sweet of them.”

Kelley says her “signature brows” are “very defined yet, natural” and she tells HollywoodLife that, although the Kardashian sisters’ eyebrows are all “completely different from one another,” they all love their brows to look “natural.”

 Khloe Kardashian Eyebrows
Celebrity brow artist Kelley Baker, founder of Kelley Baker Brows, works her magic on a model.

Kelley, who’s eponymous brand Kelley Baker Brows sells a variety of brow products, often uses a combination of brow powder and pencil on the Kardashians. But that’s only because she usually does them before they are going to be in front of the camera. For everyday wear she recommends choosing either a pencil or powder, not both. “It’s just whatever you prefer so if you like pencils, I’d say, get the pencil,” she tells HollywoodLife.

Her other tips? “Have a professional do your brows, at least the first time so you get the right shape. Make sure you don’t trim them too short, a lot of people over trim their brows and it’s creating holes. And, less is more. When it comes to filling them in and tweezing. You can’t put hair back. And you can always add more product, so less is more.”

When it comes to filling in your brows Kelley tells HollywoodLife that the first step is highlighting. “Always do the highlighter first. We’ve got a little highlighter brush ad again less is more because whatever you put on the brush it has to go somewhere. So we want you to be able to blend it all in. And that is the most important tip for anyone to take away when using makeup, is to make sure that it blends. So we put on a highlighter. And we brush it up to the hair to the brow. And then we’re gonna blend it into the lid. And this is good for every day, whether you have a full face of makeup, or you’re just going to the gym. It just makes you look awake. It lifts your eyebrows and opens your eyes.

Kylie Jenner looks stunning with long black hair and flawless make-up.

“Then we’re going to fill them in with either a pencil or a powder. And we don’t want to fill in the entire brow, we only want to fill in, where needed. For me, my eyebrows are over tweezed, so I’m always going to do it more on the inner part, closer to my nose. And then, you know, if you want more of an arch then we can do it a little bit heavier on the top part, where the tail is to give you more shape. But just because you are using a brow pencil doesn’t mean you’re gonna put the pencil on your whole eyebrow.

“You’re doing the pencil you’re gonna do a tiny little like brush strokes, as if you are drawing in tiny hairs. And if it ever feels too heavy flip over the pencil and use the mascara wand, on the other end of the pencil and the powder brush, to brush it to softness. We only want to brush the brows up, because that’s what lifts and opens your eyes.”

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