SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Undergoes Surgery After Ankle Injury & Fans Send Well Wishes

SEVENTEEN fans are sending Seungkwan nothing but love on Twitter after finding out that the singer underwent surgery after injuring his ankle while dancing. They want him to feel better asap!

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SEVENTEEN fans are sending their love to Seungkwan after the K-pop group revealed that he had undergone surgery for an ankle injury on July 18. Seungkwan, 22, suffered a rupture of his left ankle ligament while practicing choreography, according to Pledis Entertainment. Pledis explained in a statement, translated to English, that SEVENTEEN would continue performing as a 12-person group while poor Seungkwan recuperated at home.

SEVENTEEN singer Seungkwan (AP Images)

Seungkwan’s loyal fans wished the “NO FLEX ZONE” singer a speedy recovery on Twitter, and showered him with love. They got #GetWellSoonSeungkwan trending on Twitter almost immediately. Would you expect anything less from SEVENTEEN’s dedicated followers?

“Seungkwan! Its okay, just take time to heal! I know you must be feeling frustrated right now because your [sic] a perfectionist but its okay to fall sometimes! I love you! You’re a perfect Bias,” an incredibly sweet fan tweeted after hearing the news. She included lots of heart emojis. “Seungkwan, we love you! Please rest well. We will wait as long as necessary! Just take care of your health,” wrote another fan, including the cutest gif of Seungkwan making heart hands.

SEVENTEEN in an epic performance (Sipa USA via AP)

So many SEVENTEEN lovers assured Seungkwan that they would continue to be there for him during his recuperation. “Hope Seungkwan gets better soon. Always remember we always love you and will support you. Just focus on getting better. Stay Safe,” one tweeted. Others admitted that they were disappointed that their fave wouldn’t be onstage with the group for awhile. “seungkwan is the heart of seventeen, I really can’t imagine what would we be like without him he is our warm babyboy who you can count on him i’m gonna miss him a lot :(“

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