Alex Trebek Reveals Who He Wants To Replace Him As ‘Jeopardy’ Host When He Decides To Retire — Watch

Alex Trebek shared in a new interview on 'GMA' that he joked about getting a new 'Jeopardy' host who is 'younger' and 'funnier' to replace him once he steps down.

Alex Trebek, 79, isn’t ready to step away from Jeopardy just yet, but when he does, the longtime host of the quiz show has someone in mind to takeover for him. In his July 21 interview with Good Morning America where he promoted his memoir, The Answer Is … Reflections on My Life, Alex spoke candidly about walking away from the show in the future. “I think I will,” he shared. Although, Alex did amend his statement to say, “maybe I’ll crawl away” from the show.

But who could ever replace that charismatic host, who’s helmed the series for 36 seasons and counting? On that, Alex has an idea. “I joke with the audience all the time and I say, ‘Betty White,’ because they want somebody younger, somebody funnier,” he joked. Although his response was in jest, noting that he has “no say in who will replace me,” Alex does have a longtime connection to the beloved 98-year-old Golden Girl.

alex trebek, betty white
Alex Trebek and Betty White photographed together in 1982 [Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX].
Alex and Betty go way back, and the Jeopardy host describes her as a friend he’s known “for a long, long time.” Betty has, undoubtedly, been among Alex’s friends and family members who have supported him as he continues to battle cancer. Alex announced in March 2019 that he had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. Although his initial prognosis was poor, Alex has continued, with the help of physicians, to battle the cancer while simultaneously hosting Jeopardy.

A few months later in May 2019, Alex gave an update to his legions of fans, saying that the treatment was working and his body was responding well to chemotherapy. In the midst of the pandemic, Jeopardy has continued to tape without a studio audience to ensure Alex, the crew members’, and the contestants’ collective safety.

Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek hosting ‘Jeopardy,’ which he’s helmed for 36 seasons and counting [AP Photo/Seth Wenig].
While his family has given him tremendous love and care, it’s also the longtime fans of Jeopardy who have kept him going during this incredibly difficult time. “They are the most important elements in my life outside of my family and friends,” he said. “Because they have expressed their feelings about me in so many positive ways that I can’t help but be touched by what they have to say and by what I mean to them. It’s humbling. It’s nice to be humbled.”

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