Brian Austin Green Isn’t Near Over Megan Fox: Why Tina Louise Is What He Needs Right Now

Brian Austin Green is hoping that his blossoming romance with model Tina Louise will help mend his broken heart after his marriage to Megan Fox ended.

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Brian Austin Green is relieved to have found affection in the arms of model Tina Louise, following the demise of his marriage to wife of nearly 10 years Megan Fox. He’s still heartbroken over the split, especially since the Transformers star she quickly moved on to a hot and heavy romance with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. But Tina has proven to be exactly what the actor needs. “Brian needed Tina right now more than he ever thought because losing Megan was really really tough for him. Tina makes him laugh and puts him in such a good mood that he hopes it continues. He is very happy to have her in his life. There is something very special about her that is making him happy,” a source close to Brian tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Tina is like a breath of fresh air for Brian and exactly what he needed right now. She is such a positive person and always laughing, smiling, and looking on the bright side of things. In the handful of occasions he’s spent with her, he likes her more and more each time. Brian was understandably in a bit of a slump for a bit after his split from Megan, but Tina has definitely lifted his spirits,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

Brian Austin Green and Tina Louise
Brian Austin Green has been mending his broken heart with gorgeous Australian bikini model Tina Louise. Photo credit: AP.

After an initial early wading into the dating waters with model Courtney Stodden, 25, Brian was first photographed grabbing lunch with Tina at her Melrose Blvd. vegan restaurant Sugar Taco on June 30. It came almost six weeks after the BH90210 actor announced that his marriage to Megan was over during the May 18 episode of his podcast, …With Brian Austin Green. It came two days after Megan was photographed celebrating her 34th birthday with MGK, with Brian nowhere to be found.

“Brian is nowhere near over Megan and he probably never will be. But this is a healthy step in getting to the right mindset of moving on and moving forward with his life. It’s been a rough few years with him personally, and everyone around him is just happy he has someone to spend time with,” a third insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “Because Megan has made it clear she’s moving on, so it’s important to see him doing the same.”

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox
Newlyweds! Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green posed ahead of the Armani Milan Fashion Week show on Sept. 27, 2010. The couple tied the knot three months earlier on June 24, 2010. Photo credit: AP.

Brian told fans via his podcast that when Megan returned home from filming a movie, she explained that she felt happier without him. “She said, ‘You know, I realized while I was out of the country working alone that I feel more like myself, and I liked myself better during that experience, and I think that may be something worth trying for me,” he recalled to his audience.

“And, I was shocked and I was upset about it,” he continued, but added that he “can’t be upset at her, and I wasn’t upset at her because that’s — she didn’t ask to feel that way, it wasn’t a choice she made, that’s the way she honestly felt.” The couple is still maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship with their three sons, Noah, 7, Bodhi, 6, and Journey, 3.

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