‘Outer Banks’ Star Chase Stokes Reveals Season 2 Hopes & Wants Courteney Cox To Play John B’s Mom

Fans are hoping for 'Outer Banks' season 2, and HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chase Stokes about John B's future and how his love of 'Friends' has him wanting Courteney Cox to play John B's mystery mom!

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Since Outer Banks premiered in April 2020, fans have fallen in love with the teen drama. Netflix hasn’t renewed Outer Banks for season 2 just yet, but it would be a shock if it wasn’t. Chase Stokes, 27, who plays the one and only John B Routledge, already has some thoughts about season 2 and revealed who he could see playing his on-screen mom, who took off when John B was little.

“That is a great question that I never thought of, but I’m going to go on a whim here because part of me wanted to say Jen Aniston but that wouldn’t make sense because I’ve got way too big of a crush on her,” Chase told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting his partnership with Sweet Earth Foods. “Maybe Courteney Cox. That could be cool, right? When was the last time we saw Courteney Cox in that kind of circumstance? I’m going to throw it out there. Let the TV Gods do some magic. We’re manifesting things here.”

Courteney Cox
Chase Stokes could see Courteney Cox playing John B’s mom in season 2. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Yes, Chase is a diehard Friends fan. “It was like one of those things where it was like I realized for almost a full calendar year I’d fallen asleep to Friends,” he noted. “I was like, oh, okay, this is bad. Am I turning in Ross? Maybe? I’m not sure. But you know, I love Friends. I’m a sitcom geek at heart.”

The final episodes of Outer Banks season 1 featured John B on the run after he was framed for Sheriff Peterkin’s death. In the finale, John B and his love Sarah Cameron (played Madelyn Cline, who is now Chase’s offscreen girlfriend as well) braved a tropical storm to escape the cops. They survived their boat being destroyed and were picked up by a ship heading straight to the Bahamas, where Ward stashed all the gold John B and the Pogues had found. Chase revealed what he’d like to see happen to John B if there’s a second season.

Chase Stokes
Chase Stokes stars as John B Routledge in ‘Outer Banks.’ (Netflix)

“Hopefully, he gets a second to breathe,” Chase said. “You know, it’s been a minute since he’s not been running, literally and mentally. So maybe a breather would be nice for him. I think I just want to see loose ends tied up. I mean, the first season left us with so many questions on so many levels with every character. Everybody has something that needs to be answered. So I think for him, it’s just finding peace with everything that’s going on and, hopefully, coming to some sort of conclusion about all of the chaos that [has been] instilled… The selfish side of me wants to see more treasure hunts so, hopefully, a new adventure and a new world of excitement with him. Hopefully, the Pogues are reunited, so we’ll see.”

Outer Banks
Chase Stokes wants to see the Pogues reunited in season 2. (Netflix)

John B and Sarah Cameron’s love story took center stage in the first season. These two went to hell and back for each other. HollywoodLife asked Chase whether or not he thinks this couple is endgame. His answer is as adorable as you would expect.

“I would like to say yes, but we’ve got Topper lurking somewhere,” Chase told HollywoodLife. “I don’t know where Topper is, but something tells me… I’m just kidding. Totally kidding. I think John B and Sarah are endgame. I want it. I  mean, let’s be honest, it’s my girlfriend. I get to work with my girlfriend and have that. So yeah, let’s stick with John B and Sarah endgame.” Outer Banks season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.