‘Outer Banks’ Star Madison Bailey Thinks Kiara Will Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Clear John B.’s Name

The 'Outer Banks' finale left the Pogues thinking John B. and Sarah Cameron are dead. HL spoke with Madison Bailey about how Kiara will handle John B.'s presumed death, her hopes for season 2, and more.

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Madison Bailey
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Netflix’s hottest new series is undoubtedly Outer Banks. The final episodes of Outer Banks were full of shocking twists and turns. John B. went on the run after being accused of murdering Sheriff Peterkin and attacking Ward Cameron. He escaped by riding off into a tropical storm with Sarah Cameron. Their boat was destroyed, but they were rescued and found themselves on their way to Nassau — where Ward took all the gold. However, the rest of Pogues are still back on the Cut. Kiara, JJ, and Pope were left devastated because they believe John B. and Sarah died. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Madison Bailey to get her take on everything from the finale to whom the Pogues should fear the most.

Madison admitted that she believes Kiara will have the “hardest time moving on” after John B.’s presumed death but added that “Pope and JJ will get her through it!” When asked if she thinks Kiara will try to clear John B.’s name, Madison said, “I think she’ll do whatever it takes.” As for Kiara and Sarah’s possible friendship in the future, Madison still isn’t so sure it’ll always be smooth sailing. “I think their friendship is up in the air,” Madison told HollywoodLife. “I don’t know where it’ll go because the Pogues are going to come first always, so whatever that means.”

At the end of the season, Kiara admitted her feelings for Pope. Madison thinks Kiara and Pope are a good fit for each other. “I think they’re so sweet together. They’d have a very deep and mentally connected relationship,” Madison said. The rule among the Pogues is that there’s no Pogue-on-Pogue macking to preserve the friendships so that’s part of the reason it took Kiara so long to reciprocate her feelings for Pope. Madison revealed that she thinks Kiara “always knew” she had feelings for Pope but “didn’t want to ruin their friendship.”

However, in the beginning, it seemed like Kiara and John B. had a thing for each other. Does she have any lingering feelings? “I honestly don’t know, and it does feel like there was some unfinished business there,” Madison admitted.

Despite Ward Cameron having unlimited financial means and the police on his side, Madison revealed that she thinks the Pogues need to fear Rafe and his drug dealer Barry more. “Rafe is a loose cannon! He already has nothing to lose,” Madison said.

Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed — yet — but there is one thing Madison really wants to know: “DO THE POGUES ACCEPT TOPPER NOW?!? I mean, really, what is going to happen? Do we have an inside man?” After being a full-on Kook for the majority of the season, Topper took one for the team and helped John B. evade the police. Seriously, Outer Banks writers, give us more of Topper’s redemption arc. 

Madison Bailey
Madison Bailey stars as Kiara in the Netflix series ‘Outer Banks.’ (Netflix)

Madison hails from North Carolina, so she’s no stranger to the Outer Banks. Immersing herself in the OBX life wasn’t much a problem. “We pretty much all grew up in the south besides Rudy [Pankow]! I think we all connected to it immediately. Chase [Stokes] and I both grew up being on the lake in the summer on boats and fishing. Livin’ the Pogue life for a while,” Madison told HollywoodLife. Here’s hoping the Pogues can keep on living the Pogue life in a second season. Outer Banks season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.