Celebrate Pride With….RuPaul Drag Race’s Plastique Tiara Reveals Why The Show’s Host Is Her Ultimate Icon

Plastique Tiara made a name for herself on 'RuPaul Drag Race's season 11 and she's revealing EXCLUSIVELY why the host is her ultimate icon!

RuPaul Drag Race‘s Plastique Tiara, 23, who goes by Duc Tran Nguyen when she’s not working, knows how much the show has done for her career. After finishing in eighth place last year, Plastique has been busy gracing the stage all over the world! Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic, she was forced to postpone her latest tour. But Plastique is finding other ways to perform during this time by dressing up and performing at drive-in shows and staying connected with fans from home via social media.

This beauty sat down EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife on June 26 from her Texas home for an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live to discuss the importance of Pride Month, her plans to safely celebrate her LGBTQ community and why RuPaul is so iconic in her eyes!

Who’s your ultimate LGBTQ icon and why? “There’s so many, but I guess I would say RuPaul. She’s really up there. She really gave me the career that I had today, so I guess I’ve got to say RuPaul!”

Pride looks different this year because of social distancing restrictions so how are you planning on celebrating with all of the social distancing restrictions happening all over the world? “Pride should be every day. I’m grateful every day and I’m happy every day to have and I think it’s my responsibility because I have such a big platform to spread love and to spread pride to everyone. Just to treat everyone with kindness and to not discriminate.”

How do you usually celebrate pride when you’re not in quarantine? If coronavirus weren’t happening, where would you be celebrating right now? “I’m supposed to be in Europe right now if Corona[virus] wasn’t a thing. I feel like ever since I started my career at such a young age — I got on RuPaul at 21 — I’ve just been performing at pride and having the time to celebrate. But I remember what it was like when I was 20-years-old and going to the pride here in Dallas in the 104 degree weather and just cheering for the locals and having fun out in the sun and just being happy and seeing so many people who could relate to you and come together and having fun. It’s just amazing.”

Plastique Tiara
Plastique Tiara on the red carpet. Credit: Shutterstock

What does pride mean to you? “Pride means a lot of things to me. Pride means, most importantly, I think progress. The progress our community has made as a whole and how much we have been accepted over time all over the world and so I think that’s important. Just to be ourselves out in public! Just to be fun. Be happy!”

What advice do you have for LGBTQ members celebrating their first pride weekend? “Drink a lot of water because it’s very hot and you’ll be walking a lot! Just be proud, have fun. I think pride is the one place where you can literally dress so loud and just scream and cheer and be as strong as you want. Nobody’s going to judge you!”

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