‘The Challenge’ Recap: Johnny Bananas’ Plan To Try & Eliminate Dee Goes Terribly Wrong

Johnny Bananas concocts a plan to try and get Dee out of the game on the June 10 episode of 'The Challenge: Total Madness,' but things don't work out in his favor.

The June 10 episode of The Challenge: Total Madness begins with MTV reiterating its statement that the network has cut future ties with Dee due to insensitive comments she made on Twitter. The statement also confirmed that Dee will not appear on this season’s reunion, which will be filmed at a later date. After that’s addressed, it’s back to the bunker, where there’s four girls and four guys who still haven’t earned their red skull to qualify for a chance to run the final.

Since it’s a girls’ elimination week, Mattie reveals that she wants to be voted in so she can (hopefully) get her red skull, and Nany also admits that she’s ready to fight in an elimination. The other two girls without red skulls are Melissa and Bayleigh. The weekly challenge is individual, and requires the players to fly through the air while attached to a giant tank. They have to grab as many flags as possible as they’re driven past them down a large field.

mattie the challenge

During the challenge, Jenny, who already has a red skull, hands Nany all of her flags. This way, Nany will have a better chance at winning and getting in the tribunal, which will give her the ability to decide her fate ahead of the next elimination. Several other players also use this tactic. After the challenge, though, TJ reveals that EVERY player who cheated this way is now disqualified.

In the end, Josh wins the challenge for the guys, and Melissa wins for the girls, which means they’re the first two members of the tribunal. They get to pick the third person who will join them, and they go with Johnny Bananas. Josh makes this decision, as he’s hoping that Bananas will be on the same page as him when it comes to either helping Nany out, or making a big move in the tribunal.

Back at the bunker, the losing players have to vote one girl into elimination. Mattie volunteers herself to go in, and no one objects. Then, the tribunal must choose three women who they could potentially vote in to go against Mattie. The trio pick Nany and Bayleigh as their first two nominees, as they both don’t have red skulls. Bananas and Josh want to pick Dee as the third person, since they aren’t aligned with her in the game. However, Dee is one of Melissa’s closest allies, so she puts up a fight. In the end, Melissa agrees to put Dee in the group of three after Josh and Bananas give her their word that they won’t actually vote Dee into the elimination when the time comes.

At the elimination challenge, Melissa has the chance to volunteer herself to go against Mattie. It’s no secret that Mattie is one of the strongest players in the house, though, and Melissa isn’t willing to take the chance of going up against her. Melissa votes for Bayleigh to go in, but Bananas goes back on his word and chooses Dee. Now, it all comes down to Josh, and he also picks Dee, so she’s going up against Mattie.

In the elimination, Dee and Mattie are each locked in a tunnel and have to dig their way out. Dee pulls out the win, which means she gets her SECOND red skull, and Mattie is sent home. The show continues on June 17 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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