‘The Challenge’ Recap: Wes & Bananas Go Head-To-Head After Putting Rivalry Behind Them

After spending the entire season in a secret alliance, Wes and Johnny Bananas finally faced off in a history-making elimination on the June 3 episode of 'The Challenge.'

The June 3 episode of The Challenge: Total Madness featured one of host, TJ Lavin’s, favorite weekly challenges — trivia, of course! The girls and guys competed in two separate heats. They had to hold onto giant missiles suspended above the water, and if they got a question wrong, they would get a strike. If they got a question right they could give another player a strike, as well. After two strikes, they were dropped into the freezing water below.

For the girls heat, the winner was Dee, while for the guys’ heat, the winner was Wes. In addition to becoming the first two members of the tribunal, Wes and Dee were also given $5,000 each, courtesy of Burger King. They got to choose the third member of the tribunal, and agreed on Rogan, who helped Wes win the challenge and is Dee’s closest ally.

wes johnny bananas the challenge

Back at the house, the losing players had to nominate one male for elimination. With just a few weeks left, the guys without red skulls were itching to get into an elimination to earn their ticket to run final if they make it there (only players who win an elimination and get a red skull are able to run the final). Johnny Bananas volunteered himself to go in, and although there was some hesitation from the other players about letting him get his way, they all eventually agreed.

All season long, Johnny and Wes have been in a secret alliance, following years of feuding. Despite the new friendship, though, Wes also knew he didn’t have many opportunities left to get a red skull himself. He began contemplating throwing himself into the elimination against Bananas. When Johnny caught wind of the plan, he tried to talk Wes out of it, as he didn’t want him to throw away the relationship they’d finally built this season by having them go head-to-head. Wes didn’t see it as a friendship ruiner, though — it was simply part of the game.

As the tribunal, Wes, Dee and Rogan chose Cory, Kyle and Swaggy C as the other possible contenders to go into an elimination. Kyle asked to not be thrown in just yet, while Cory and Swaggy both agreed that they were ready to take on Bananas and try for a red skull. It didn’t matter, though, because at the elimination, Wes gave longtime fans of the show what they’ve been waiting for — he threw himself in against his longtime rival-turned-friend!

In the elimination challenge, Johnny and Wes had to climb a tall wall and smash it open with their arms, hands and bodies to find three batteries hidden inside. Once they had their three batteries, they used them to ignite a light, and whoever was able to do it first was the winner. Bananas found the first battery, followed by Wes. Then, Johnny found his second, and eventually, his third, so he won the challenge. Just like that, Wes was eliminated, but the guys hugged it out as they parted ways.

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