‘The Challenge’ Recap: 2 Guys Are Sent Home In A Brutal Double Elimination

A double elimination sends two notorious players home, while two more guys earn their chance to run the final on the May 20 episode of 'The Challenge: Total Madness.'

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Image Credit: Riccardo Giardina for MTV

On the May 20 episode of The Challenge: Total MadnessJordan is left all alone following his fiancee, Tori’s elimination, while Nany and Kailah couldn’t be more thrilled that their bestie, Jenna, won the grueling match-up. At the weekly challenge, TJ Lavin announces that, of course, it is a guys’ elimination week, but there’s a twist — so far, Rogan is the only guy with a red skull left in the game, and TJ needs more players to be able to run the final if they get that far. So, he’s making it a double elimination week, and two guys will be sent home.

During the individual challenge, the players have to race through a hallway of foam and attempt to look through it to see flashing, colored lights. Then, they have to stack colored rings in the correct order that the lights flashed. Wes is the fastest guy to finish the challenge, and Mattie is the fastest girl, so they earn their spots in the tribunal, and get to choose their third member. Wes shocks everyone by picking Johnny Bananas to join them, which officially exposes the pair’s secret alliance.

Back at the house, all the non-tribunal members have to vote in two guys to automatically be up for elimination. As a rookie, Fessy is the first choice. Then, various cast members call out Nelson for making deals and promises to all of them, which he obviously won’t be able to keep. Very few people actually trust Nelson, and he’s voted in next.

This week, the tribunal gets to pick FOUR guys that will potentially be thrown into elimination against Fessy and Nelson. They burn one of their votes on Kyle, who Bananas is actually aligned with, and throw the rest on Cory, Jordan and Bear. Bear, Cory and Kyle beg not to be put into the elimination, but Jordan is ready to get in there and get his red skull so he has a bigger motivation to stay in the game without Tori. Of course, Johnny and Wes could also volunteer to take on Fessy or Nelson themselves, if they want to.

However, upon seeing that the elimination challenge will be the famous POLE WRESTLE (the players each hold onto a pole and have to physically wrestle it out of the other’s hands), Johnny and Wes bow out. They throw Jordan in against Fessy, a former pro football player. Fessy wins the first round, but in the midst of the fight, Jordan injures his shoulder. He fights through the pain to go for round two, but Fessy easily yanks the pole out of his hands, and Jordan is eliminated.

Then, Bear is absolutely shocked to find out that he’s been chosen to go up against Nelson. They battle it out, but it’s Nelson who comes out on top, eliminating Bear. Bear is noticeably frustrated, but it’s Kailah who’s the most upset, as she and Bear have been hooking up (despite her coming on the show with a boyfriend at home). The madness continues on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on MTV!

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