Selma Blair Joins Son Arthur, 8, In Holding Personal, Backyard Memorial For George Floyd — See Moving Pic

Actress Selma Blair said she has spent the past week educating herself and her young son on how to be active allies in the fight against systemic racism.

Selma Blair, 47, is making sure her son Arthur, 8, is educated from a very young age. The Legally Blonde actress held a personal, backyard memorial for George Floyd, one week after the 46-year-old was killed in Minneapolis. She took to Instagram on June 3 to share a photo of an outdoor candle with a heartrending message. “We stood outside for 8 minutes 46 seconds to just think of what George Floyd means for each of us from where we are. What he represents also,” she captioned the post.

“After a conversation again today about race and fear and sometimes insurmountable financial challenges of black lives, we finally looked at each other after this memorial of 8:46, and he said, ‘You wouldn’t live if that happened to me’.” The actress said that her son was “mostly right,” but added that she would dedicate her life to standing up for injustices, joining the countless other celebs who are showing their support for the movement.

“I would stand up for people like him for the rest of my life. Would devote my life to nurturing a better future,” she said. “That is what I want for the now and the future of our lives. Black lives. This is what mothers of black lives live with. The sons and fathers and friends. Black lives.” Selma also said said she’s spent the past week educating herself on how to be an “active ally in the fight against systemic racism”, adding, “This grief and concern have pushed me into truly acknowledging and doing everything I can to be an active ally.”

selma blair
Selma Blair and her son Arthur held a private vigil for George Floyd. Image: Shutterstock

It comes one day after a memorial service was held in Minneapolis to honor George Floyd. Reverend Al Sharpton imparted words of action and mourning into his eulogy, remembering George, his life, and acknowledging the sorrow for the future that was taken from him. George’s memorial in Minneapolis comes with added grief, as he had moved to the Minnesota city in the hopes of beginning a new chapter in his life.

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