Kardashians’ Brow Specialist Reveals How To Shape & Trim Your Own Eyebrows While At Home

Being stuck in quarantine means not being able to get your eyebrows done & if you're in need of some grooming, the Kardashians' brow specialist, Anastasia Beverly Hills, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, tips to shape & trim your eyebrows at home!

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Not being able to head to the salon and get yourself beautified is one of the toughest aspects of being stuck in quarantine. One of the hardest things to do is groom your own eyebrows because it’s scary to think what could happen if you mess up. Have no fear, because thankfully, the Kardashian sisters’ eyebrow specialist, Anastasia, of Anastasia Beverly Hills, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, a few simple steps to shape and trim your own eyebrows at home.

Anastasia shared her six easy-to-follow steps which you can see below:

“Invest in quality tools, including a pair of slant-tipped tweezers and thin, straight blade brow scissors. With the tweezers, the thin slanted tip follows the curve of the brow bone, so that you don’t accidentally break off the hair too far away from the base. The thinness of the scissors helps you get the most precise trim possible, especially when even a couple of millimeters can make a big difference.”

“Taking a shower or applying a warm compress before tweezing will open up the pores so it’s much less painful. Make sure the skin is clean and dry, not greasy, and with no lotion or creams.”

“If you’re unsure about your ideal brow shape, this is the place to start. The three measurements of the ABH Golden Ratio Technique deliver the brow shape that best compliments your unique bone structure: brows should begin directly above the middle of your nostrils, brows should end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye, and the highest point of the arch should connect the middle of the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris. You may find before you even begin grooming that you should be letting hair grow in places you usually tweeze.”

Kim Kardashian
The Kardashians’ brow specialist, Anastasia Beverly Hills, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, tips to shape & trim your eyebrows at home! (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

“After you’ve measured the three points and gotten your ideal shape, fill in your brows and tweeze only what’s outside of that area. Without this guideline, you run the risk of tweezing too far into the brow and getting carried away with making both sides match. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth.”

“Even if you skip tweezing, I recommend filling in your brows first before trimming as well. Brush your brow hairs up, using your scissors to cut only what falls outside the filled area, then brush the brow hairs down and repeat.”

“Use a toner to close the pores and apply aloe vera if needed to soothe any irritation.”