Miley Cyrus Dresses Up Cody Simpson In Sexy Fishnet Stockings & Bright Red Lipstick — Watch

Cody Simpson transforms into his drag character, Rebecca, in his music video for 'Captain's Dance With The Devil' that Miley Cyrus directed and styled herself!

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Cody Simpson, 23, embarks on a transformation of style and masculinity in his new music video for “Captain’s Dance With The Devil,” thanks to the artistic eye of girlfriend Miley Cyrus, 27. The video starts off on Cody assuming the personality of his poetry altar-ego, Prince Neptune, dressed in a sailor’s uniform affixed with a Chanel broach. Prince Neptune eventually allows himself to indulge in full-on drag, looking gorgeous in fishnet stockings, bold rep lips and matching acrylic nails, a velvet dress and glitzy jewels. Miley directed and styled the music video that dropped on May 21, and the couple used their very own clothes and belongings for the vintage-inspired video!

“I released the song in conjunction with my Prince Neptune poetry book, and it was immediately something that Miley took a liking to. I conceptualized a video treatment and [she] interpreted the song in her own way and was excited about the idea of making a video for it,” Cody told Elle. He added, “We obviously are very close, so the experience was super reluctant and super personal. It was very easy to be directed by her and entrust her with creative freedom to take it where she wanted it to go. I characterized three different characters to tell a story of a captain or sailor who dresses up in drag, and that was her interpretation and conceptualization of the song and the video.”

Cody also shared that Miley educated the Australian singer “on drag culture,” and they took up a weekly habit of watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (Miley went undercover in male drag to guest judge on the show’s 11th season premiere). Miley has been helping Cody, who initially blew up as a teenager in the mainstream pop scene, explore this more experimental side in his work since they began dating in Oct. 2019.

Cody Simpson
Cody Simpson dresses in drag as his altar-ego, Rebecca, in his new music video for “Captain’s Dance With The Devil” that dropped on May 21, 2020. (Courtesy of Youtube)

This was a true quarantine project. The music video was shot in the home Cody and Miley are isolating in together, and we’ve learned that California’s lockdown has actually been beneficial for their relationship! “It really helps that they aren’t partying, so their minds are clear and their moods are stable,” a source close to Miley EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “They’ve been able to really focus all their energy on positive, healthy stuff. Miley and Cody don’t drink at all. And she’s also not smoking weed. She’s getting close to a full year of sobriety [she quit everything June 2019]. It’s a great accomplishment, and everyone is proud of her.”