The Rock Opens Up To Oprah Winfrey About Struggles With Wife Lauren Hashian During Quarantine

The Rock joined Oprah on Instagram Live to talk all things family. The actor and former wrestling champ opened about how it's affecting his relationship.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opened up to pal Oprah Winfrey on a May 16 Instagram Live video, and gave fans a glimpse inside his life in quarantine. The Moana star said the COVID-19 lockdown was impacting his relationship with wife Lauren Hashian, but that the key to success was communication. “I’m doing as great as can be during this time and especially considering we’re in our multiple of months now of being on lockdown. I feel like I’ve found my rhythm. I’ feel like I’ve found a bit of my groove,” he said. “I was wobbly. I had a 50/50 ratio of good days. Because there’s days where I thought I had it together. I had a vision, I had a focus, I’m good, my feet feel solid on solid ground.” He then added that every day “just ends with a ‘Y’ now.”

“[That’s] where we’re at,” The Rock said. “What we’ve had to do is really try to make a point to be as structured as we possibly can with the babies and not just that but to find time for ourselves too with Lauren and I. The training has become an anchor in my life or a physical activity. Yes, there’s a physical aspect to it, but there’s a mental aspect.” The former wrestling champ said he’s found himself working out in the gym close to midnight at times while in quarantine. “When the world changed, then life changed and then everything just went, boop,” he said.

“Now the anchor becomes a little bit of work, babies, a little bit of more work, babies, so now with the anchor, I fit it in where I can. It’s not to say that I can’t find the time to anchor myself into something because I still need that” He also added, “We started realizing that it would have an impact on the relationship. Luckily we were able to recognize it and nip it in the bud. What we’ve realized too is that it’s important now more than ever to communicate with each other. If there’s something you need, say it.”

As for getting back to work, the Fast and Furious star said there was no rush. “We’ll get back up and moving when we can cultivate the best environment for the crews,” the movie star said. “I’m in no rush.”