Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Reveal Why They Currently Have ‘No Wedding Plans’ — Watch

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, who have been engaged since July 2019, have been spending time in quarantine together and Wells admitted that they haven't figured out any wedding details yet, in a new interview.

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Sarah Hyland, 29, and Wells Adams, 35, are not moving forth with their future wedding until the issues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic are gone. The actor sat down for a tell-all interview while in quarantine with the actress and admitted that although they’ve been engaged since July 2019, they haven’t started any wedding planning and the stay-at-home orders that have been in effect in most U.S. states, have put a halt on things even more.

“There are no wedding plans. I think the thought was that we’d originally start thinking about that around this time and now that this is happening, you know, what’s the point of even trying to get something solidified with everything being so up in the air?” Wells said during an at-home video interview with Access on May 1.

He went to also admit that even if time in quarantine goes on for a long time, he and Sarah would never do a livestream wedding on the Zoom app and would instead maybe do something small in a backyard, but he still thinks even that is unlikely. “If it lasts really really long I think that we would do like a really small backyard thing but that’s probably not gonna happen,” he explained before cheekily saying “there’s too many ABC personalities that need to give us gifts.” “Ty Burell, I need a new fly fishing rod and Chris Harrison, I need some crystal,” he joked.

Wells also revealed that he and Sarah have been “throwing out all options” for the location of the wedding, but “haven’t decided anything” just yet. “This is a really good test, if we can get through quarantine together, we can get through anything,” the reality star said about their current situation. “And so far, so good. We haven’t had a fight.”

Sarah and Wells may not be stuck in quarantine and not in wedding planning mode just yet, but the lovebirds “can’t wait” to get hitched. “Sarah and Wells can’t wait to make things official and know it will be special no matter what,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. The couple excitingly got engaged during a romantic trip on a private island in Fiji almost two years after they first started dating in Sept. 2017.