Tiffany Haddish Reveals She’s Still Quarantining With Common After Virtual Bumble Date — Watch

It's official, Common and Tiffany Haddish are keeping each other company in quarantine following their successful virtual bumble date. He crashed one of her IG live sessions while in a mask and gloves.

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Comedian Tiffany Haddish, 40, and rapper Common, 48, had been playing a game of “are they or aren’t they” a couple even before the coronavirus lockdowns in March. The pair have been good friends, but took things to the next level by going on a virtual date via the dating app Bumble on Apr. 24. While they revealed on Apr. 9 that they had been in quarantine at his place, that was prior to them deciding to go for a romantic relationship. Now he’s apparently crashing at her L.A. home during quarantine. The Girls Trip star did an Instagram live session with friends Dwyane Wade, 38, and Gabrielle Union, 47, on Apr. 30 where the former NBA superstar and his wife tried desperately to get Tiffany to spill the tea on what’s going on with Common.

Tiffany didn’t budge when first asked about him, just joking that Dwyane and Gab could help produce a movie that she and Common could star in. But as the time ticked down in their IG sesh, Dwyane told Tiff, “We’ll continued to talk about that other tea a little later,” and then with less than a minute left, Common popped up behind Tiffany in her kitchen. He waved with black gloves covering his hands, while wearing a heavy-duty black and pink air-mask. “You know who that is?” Tiffany asked.

“Woah-hoah! That’s Common,” Gab told her hubby,  who yelled, “We’re about to get cut off and you brought the motherf**king tea?!?” Tiffany just smiled and didn’t say anything, panning the camera around to show Common at her kitchen sink. Then they literally ran out of time, as Dwyane and Gabrielle had a one hour IG live slot given to them to promote Budweiser beer. Scroll through to the 55:58 mark in the below video to watch Common appear behind Tiffany.

On Apr. 29, Tiffany told Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show remotely from home that, “I’m single but I’ve been dating. I’ve been using this app called Bumble. And you know with this whole quarantine situation, it’s hard to go anywhere with someone. So Bumble started this virtual dating thing and it’s been great. I went on a virtual date with Common and it was super fun. He sent me flowers and he sent me food! We danced. It was nice.”

On Apr. 24, Common first revealed that they had a date, albeit remotely. “Last weekend, @tiffanyhaddish and I went on a virtual @bumble date. When it came time to eat, we ordered food for ourselves, and we ordered for some hospitals close to our hearts,” he wrote. “Thank you for sharing your pictures and sharing a meal with Tiff and I. @virtuerestaurantchi #BumblePartner,” he captioned a series of pics, showing all of the meals that were being prepped for hospital workers during their date.