Kaley Cuoco’s Husband Spanks Her While Doing Koala Challenge On Instagram — Watch

Kaley Cuoco's husband, Karl Cook, got a little frisky while attempting to complete the Koala Challenge with his giggling wife. The couple couldn't stop laughing as he spanked her on Instagram.

Kaley Cuoco Karl Cook
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Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook are getting creative during quarantine. The married couple, who finally moved in together just before the pandemic began, decided to spend their weekend learning a new skill together: mastering the Koala Challenge! The Koala Challenge, for those not versed on TikTok lingo, is a simple idea that’s extremely hard actually to execute. It involves one person climbing up their partner like a koala on a tree. The “koala” has to make their way around their partner’s body and hang off them without falling down. The challenge, naturally, originated in Australia. But Kaley and Karl brought it to Los Angeles. The Big Bang Theory alum, 34, posted multiple videos of their hilarious attempts to Instagram on April 19, and there were many.

“First (of many) MEGA FAILs at #thekoalachallenge with my very patient husband @mrtankcook,” Kaley wrote as the caption on two videos, adding the laughing emojis. “I’ve never laughed so hard. It’s a two-parter so buckle up lol… please try this at home! Maybe wear a helmet. I now have three new injuries but it was worth it.” Her first videos, which you can watch below, show Kaley trying her hardest to hang off her husband while screaming and giggling. Once he gets her over his shoulder, Karl takes the opportunity to slap his wife’s butt a few times. Their poor dog is so concerned by whatever they’re doing, that he keeps pacing around them and licking Kaley’s face. Eventually, they give up when Kaley panics and accidentally grabs her husband’s crotch for support.

But they persevered! Kaley posted another video showing their final, successful attempt at the challenge, and it’s pure joy. “After 245 failed attempts we finally did it! LOL the koala challenge is not as easy as it looks. Actually we made it look damn near impossible LOL good luck!!” Watch below!

Karl and Kaley married in June 2018, but only moved in together in March 2020. Kaley explained that their unconventional arrangement was because Karl’s business was far from where The Big Bang Theory filmed. They waited until their “dream house” was built before making the move, and now, they’re happier than ever.

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