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Nicole Scherzinger & Alicia Keys’ Trainer Alissa Tucker Reveals How Singers Get Their Long, Lean Muscles

Nicole Scherzinger and Alicia Keys' trainer Alissa Tucker is sharing how the singers get their rockin' bodies so you can too!

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Singing sensations Nicole Scherzinger, 41, and Alicia Keys, 39, know how to belt out a good tune, but they also know how to obtain rock hard bodies that anyone would envy, and their trainer Alissa Tucker of AKT Fitness is the mastermind behind their long, lean muscles and hard abs. So just how much work does it take to look this good, one might ask? Spoiler alert — It sounds hard, but it can be done at home! In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, Alissa took the time to break down just how her method works, why it’s effective and all of the stars are running to try it, no matter where in the world they are, even at home!

Alicia Keys is really muscular and has great long, lean and toned arms and legs. How does your workout help her obtain those? “Alicia has been a devoted AKT client for years. She does private sessions and takes classes at our New York AKT studios. I’ve had the immense pleasure of training her when she’s in LA working on The Voice. In our workouts we alternate between intervals of cardio, either dance or weighted cardio, and strength intervals with short active stretches in between. It’s important to prioritize both strength training and cardio for optimal results. Our workouts are always full body and always challenging. Alicia is so strong and she works hard.”

Nicole Scherzinger also has amazing abs. What’s her workout to get those? What’s her regimin like? “Nicole is obviously a fabulous dancer so she loves our AKT DANCE workouts. We alternate between dance cardio and strength intervals for a full body workout. She loves working her abs so we spend a little extra time on core, focusing on the core as a whole instead of just the rectus abdominis [superficial “6 pack” muscles]. One of the best ways to work your entire core is, you guessed it, a plank. The entire second song of our DANCE workout is spent in a plank doing moves like knee drops, hip twists and mountain climbers to fire up the core so it’s ‘turned on’ throughout the entire workout. Then we always end the workout with a good core burnout, mixing it up, always challenging the body in different ways.”

Why does your workout work and what makes it different? “First of all, AKT is very challenging. Our workouts are interval based, which is the most effective and efficient way to train your body. Our programming is carefully curated by our founder, celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, and changes every three weeks so you can come back and get stronger each time but never plateau. We utilize a variety of fitness modalities so you truly get everything you need in one place. And we take the guesswork out of it so all you have to do is show up, sweat and have a great time, because ultimately in order to stick to a fitness routine it has to be both effective and fun!”

Alissa, who’s in the process of helping the AKT Studios open on the left coast in sunny Los Angeles later this year, has broken down the stars’ workout plan from head to toe. If you need extra motivation during this time at home during quarantine since all 9 studios are currently closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, have no fear, because AKT is here to help! The fitness company is currently offering AKTGO to get their clients motivated through these tough times, with new content added weekly.

Towel Arm Burnout: “An AKT favorite arm workout that I do with all of my celebrity clients is a Towel Burnout. It’s great for at home or when you’re traveling because all you need is a small towel! Turn on your favorite song and have fun with it! The most important thing to remember is to keep tension in the towel, like you are trying to rip it in half. The more you pull, the better the burn! Try for 32 of each or do it until you’re burnt out!”
Towel Pulls  – Holding either end of the towel, start with arms extended at shoulder height. Pull elbows back squeezing the middle of your back. Keep your elbows lifted while you relax your shoulders away from your ears.
Overhead Raised – Keeping arms extended, lift towel from chest height to overhead. Only go as high as you can keeping your rib cage closed and core engaged.
Lat Pulldowns  – Start with towel overhead arms extended, pull elbows down to your sides bringing the towel to your chest.
Bicep Curls  – Wrap your hands around the towel so your palms are facing up. Extend arms in front of you at shoulder height, bend elbows to 90 degrees keeping your elbows lifted and hugging in. Triceps should be parallel to the floor.
Bicep Extensions – Start from the 90 degree bent position then extend arms overhead trying to straighten your elbows all the way.
Tricep Pulses – Hold towel behind back with palms facing up, hinge forward about 45 degrees keeping your chest forward and rolling your shoulders down and back away from your ears. Pulse towel up with straight arms keeping the tension in the towel and trying to keep it from dropping below hip height.
Tricep Pullouts – In the same 45 degree position, hold the towel up as high as you can and pull out 32x or until you’re burnt out!
Core Plank Series:
“Turn on your favorite song and repeat these exercises for a great core workout and cardio burst. Try 16 of each and keep cycling through until the song ends! You can take a downward dog or chaturanga stretch in between rounds if needed. Start in a high plank position, shoulders stacked over wrists. You want a straight diagonal line from your heels to the crown of your head, hips in line with your body.”
Knee Drops – Slowly lower and lift your knees, keeping hips tucked under, focusing on your lower abdominals.
Marches – Slowly draw one knee in to your chest then switch.
Hip Twists – Slightly dip and twist hips side to side, getting those obliques.
Plank Jacks – Jump feet out and in trying to eliminate extra bouncing.
Mountain Climbers – High knees in plank position.