Johnny Depp Joins Instagram & ’21 Jump Street’ Co-Star Holly Peete Sends Him Surprise Love 

Well, this was unexpected. Johnny Depp is officially on Instagram! The actor joined the app (and social media entirely) on April 16, and posted an 8-minute video for your viewing pleasure!

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Yes, it’s true. — Johnny Depp is on social media! The actor, 56, officially joined Instagram on Thursday with not one, but two posts. His 21 Jump Street co-star, Holly Peete gave him a warm welcome to the platform writing, “Heeeey Johnny!!” in the comments. And, it seems as though Johnny’s got the whole IG thing down.

“Hello everyone… filming something for you now… gimme a minute,” the Hollywood Vampires singer captioned his first post. He was pictured sitting on a wooden chair, surrounded by candles. It looked like a crossover between a Keeping Up With the Kardashians confessional and a haunted house.

Johnny’s second post contained an 8-minute video about a new musical collaboration he recorded with his good friend, Jeff Beck. But first, he opened the video with a notice to his near 1 million followers (which he gained in a matter of hours) about why he decided to join social media.

(Video credit: Johnny Depp/Instagram) 

(Photo credit: Johnny Depp/Instagram)

“Hi everyone… this my first experience within the world of social media,” the actor, who sported his signature tinted glasses and silver jewelry, said. “I’ve never done any of this before, I don’t think I’ve really every felt any particular reason to then now. Now is the time to open up a dialogue as the threat of this invisible enemy has already cause miserable tragedies and damage to people’s lives,” he said, talking about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor went on to list the ways coronavirus has affected the world before he declared, “We need to help each other through these dark times, these trying times.” With that being said, Johnny revealed his new song with Beck titled, “Isolation.” He encouraged fans to listen to music during this unforeseen time.

Beck explained the song even further in a separate post on Instagram that featured a snippet of the song.

“We weren’t expecting to release it so soon but given all the hard days and true ‘isolation’ that people are going through in these challenging times, we decided now might be the right time to let you all hear it,” he captioned his post. “You’ll be hearing more from Johnny and me in a little while but until then we hope you find some comfort and solidarity in our take on this Lennon classic,” Beck concluded.

Talk about an entrance. Welcome to Instagram, Johnny!

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