‘Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley Will Have A Better Shot At Love After Quarantine

Clare Crawley has to wait a little longer due to COVID-19 to find love, but experts are telling us in this EXCLUSIVE interview why that's a good thing!

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Image Credit: ABC

Clare Crawley, 39, had just been announced as ABC’s newest Bachelorette and was clearly excited to start her journey at finding love after infamously dumping season 18 Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, 38, though the Coronavirus had different plans and production took an unexpected halt, but experts are saying that this will actually help her shot at finding true love. “I think they will be there more for the right reasons,” Susan Trombetti, Celebrity Matchmaker, relationship expert and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY of Clare’s suitors. “So the guys will still be waiting. Let’s face it — Some of these people are out for their careers, for the marketing, for what happens later. Very few of them are really out for love. But the ones that are out for love, they’re going to be there.”

Nobody knows what this will do for the eventual premiere since the world is on pause right now, but the network has made it clear the show will eventually go on. ABC now has more time on their hands to cast the right kind of suitors for Clare, the oldest Bachelorette in the history of the show, and they can take their time trying to weed out the quality of men. “I don’t think it’s going to affect her chances of finding love,” Susan, who has worked with several contestants from the show’s franchise over the years, added. “Because right now is when people are really serious about finding love and they don’t want to be alone. They might have had an idea of what it was they wanted. It was like they looked good on paper, but it’s wherever the wheel stopped at this time.”

In fact, Susan thinks this time is going to change the way not only Clare sees love, but others around the world dealing with this pandemic, too. “I think there will be more sincerity in it,” Susan says of future relationships post Coronavirus. “Having gone through this pandemic. Because people are going to be lonely so they’re going to be chomping at the bit.”

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This may even end up being a blessing in disguise for Clare. Because so many people are stuck at home with their partners during quarantine, unable to take any space or time for themselves, it’s no surprise to hear that couples are struggling to stay together and find their groove during this new normal. “Believe it or not, what we’re seeing more of are more break ups,” Chris Seiter, who works as a professional relationship coach and founded popular breakup website Ex Boyfriend Recovery, added. “Our normal routines are getting interrupted and people don’t deal with this change very well. Whether that’s being away from the partner or being stuck together with the partner, there’s been just a lot more breakdowns, quite frankly. I don’t know what to make of that quite yet, but it’s something interesting that we’ve noticed. When it comes to reasons couples fight, there are typically three — Sex, money and kids. Social distancing is literally affecting two of these aspects of life. You can’t have sex with a partner if you are social distancing. People are losing their jobs which leads to more fights and ultimately more breakups.”