At Home With Matthew Morrison: How He’s Keeping The Magic Alive For His Son With Disney & Dance Parties

Matthew Morrison has an arsenal of Disney tunes up his sleeve to keep his son Revel, 2, entertained in quarantine! He tells HL what he's been up to!

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In addition to his upcoming Glee cast reunion and taking to Instagram Live to share his music with fans, Matthew Morrison has been keeping busy in quarantine spending time with his two-year-old son, Revel. The singer admitted that the duo have daily dance parties and listen to his new album Disney Dreamin’ on repeat! “It’s a love letter to him. That was the whole reason for me to make it in the first place, so we just blast that music all the time!” Matthew said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. He added that the Aladdin hit “Friend Like Me” is his son’s personal fave. See what else Matthew and his family have been doing:

What are you binge watching during the quarantine? Once our son goes down, that’s my mama and papa time, but we haven’t watched too much! We started watching Tiger King because I wanted to see what it was all about, but it just wasn’t for me. The past two nights my wife and I went online and learned how to play gin rummy and it’s been so much fun. We’ll put some music on in the background, pour some wine and just play cards.

What are your at home quarantine essentials? What did you stock up on before? I think just food! We weren’t a part of the whole toilet paper fiasco — we are a bidet family, so we use very, very minimal toilet paper, which is very good for the environment. It’s funny friend of ours runs this company called TUSHY (HELLOtushy dot com), which is the bidet company and had crazy record sales since this whole pandemic, it’s interesting to see the businesses that are thriving within this time! We have a lot of different things we go through, like this thing called Butcher Box, which is all farm raised meats. We are very basic in a way! My wife is the most phenomenal cook, though.

What’s on your Quarantine playlist? Not to you know, self advertise, but we’ve been playing a lot of Disney Dreamin’ — which is so funny because I am someone who typically does not like to play their own music. But, with our child around, it’s such a beautiful thing. We just blast that music all the time. I love listening to it. I love this album. It’s so much fun and such a joy. I love that so many different families that I hear from are getting the same joy and excitement from it because it’s a good kind of distraction from things right now.

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What are you doing to workout and stay fit at home? My good friend Joe Komar — he is a yoga teacher here in LA and he’s my go-to yoga guy. But I haven’t been to his classes so long because we just got back to Los Angeles and we’ve been on the road for three months straight. He’s been offering these online classes on YouTube YouTube — it’s Urban 728 and everyday attending it is practice and it’s just so good so calming. And we have a Peloton as well, I absolutely love the Peloton, and if you don’t have the bike you just get the app and there are so many great workouts on there. It’s a game changer.

Make sure to stream (and dance to!) Matthew Morrison’s new album Disney Dreamin’, available now!