Mama June Reveals Close-Up Of Missing Front Tooth While Sending A Message To Fans In New Video

'Mama June' Shannon delivered fans a message ahead of the new episode of 'Family Crisis,' but all they could focus on was the new gap in her front teeth.

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“Hey, what’s up. It’s your girl, Mama June,” the 40-year-old star of Mama June: Family Crisis said at the video posted to her social media on Apr. 10. Mama (aka June Shannon) told all her fans that a new episode of her show was airing tonight on WeTV and that her family was all on Cameo. All that fans really could talk about in the comments section was the gap in her front teeth. One of Mama’s front teeth looked damaged, and while this wasn’t the first time they saw this busted tooth, it was the first clear, close-up view of her dental derangement.

“Fox your tooth, Mama.” “What happened to your tooth???” “Where is your flipper!” were some of the nicer comments. The rest of the remarks made reference to her history of drug use, her estrangement from her daughters Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 20, and Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 14, and the rest of the drama that has unfolded on Mama June: Family Crisis.

The gap first appeared at the end of March. June posted a picture of her going grocery shopping with boyfriend Geno Doak and pal, Adam Barta. “y’all remember him from Alana’s music video and song ‘Moving Up’ from 4 years ago,” she captioned the shot that debuted her tooth gap. In a Apr. 4 IG post, in which she touted her partnership with Cameo, fans got another shot of the gap. A few days later, while plugging her Cameo yet again, she offered a closer look at her busted tooth, but the shot wasn’t that clear. “Hey y’all, what’s up? This is Mama June, and I’m back, better than ever,” she said. “Look, y’all, if you want to get a birthday shoutout or good wishes during this coronavirus pandemic bullsh*t that we’re all in lockdown for…hit me up right here on cameo!”

Mama June was arrested, along with boyfriend Geno, in March 2019. She was charged with “possession of drug paraphernalia,” and a substance the Macon County District Attorney’s Office believed was “crack cocaine.” This prompted Alana, Lauryn, and their sister Jessica, 23, to stage an intervention, as seen on last season’s Mama June: From Not To Hot. “It just came out of nowhere, especially with how quickly she started using, how much she was using,” Lauryn told HollywoodLife. “I honestly didn’t even notice, which was the sad thing.”