‘Botched’s’ Dr. Nassif Reveals How To Clear Up Pimples During This Stressful Time – Expert Tips

Being self-quarantined has everyone stressed out & many people have been suffering from acne because of it. Luckily, Dr. Paul Nassif of 'Botched,' revealed to HL EXCLUSIVELY how you can clear acne during this time.

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Dr. Paul Nassif
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Image Credit: Dr. Paul Nassif

The coronavirus pandemic has the entire world on edge and everyone’s stress levels are through the roof. Due to the high anxiety, we’re all facing, your skin may be breaking out which is why we enlisted the help of Dr. Paul Nassif. The Botched star shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how you can maintain clear skin during these trying times.

“This is the best time to give your skin the attention it deserves,” Dr. Nassif admitted. “Take advantage of the extra time you now have and focus on the areas you’d like to improve. Masking is one of the best all-around treatments for all skin types. Whether you’re experiencing breakouts, excess oil or dull, tired skin, masking is your turn-around expert. Maximize results by first steaming your face, before applying the mask. Steaming helps expand the pores, softens skin, making it more receptive to the treatment. You can steam by filling your bathroom sink with hot water or you can mask directly after showering.”

As for how you can deal with stress acne, which many people are suffering from right now, Dr. Nassif shared, “Social distancing and indoor confinement can produce stress and anxiety, which makes skin react adversely. You can lower anxiety by socializing with friends and family, using your favorite video app. When a breakout does occur, you can quickly help the clearing process by applying #GETWOKE Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask directly on the blemish and let it dry overnight. The as|if by Nassif #AREWECLEAR? Skin Refining Essence, used twice daily will help purify skin, discourage excess oil and bacteria that cause breakouts. While you’re staying at home, take the opportunity to let your skin go naked, so it can ‘breathe.’ That means going without primer, foundation or powder.”

Dr. Paul Nassif
‘Botched’ star, Dr. Paul Nassif, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how you can maintain clear skin during these trying times. (Courtesy of Dr. Paul Nassif)

If you’re wondering if you should switch your skincare routine since we’re all stuck at home, Dr. Nassif said that’s not necessary. “There’s really no need to switch your skin care regimen if your skin is comfortable and happy as is. Now is a great time to begin following the as|if Fresh Start Regimen for well-balanced, healthy skin. Cleanse, Purify, and Moisturize. Three steps two times a day.”

To soothe your skin during this stressful time, Dr. Nassif revealed, “Your skin is a reflection of your mind and body health. Start by calming skin from the inside out by switching from coffee to calming chamomile tea. Our #GETWOKE Exfoliating Cleanser + Mask also contains Chamomile Tea Extract and Aloe Leaf Juice, which are both excellent for soothing skin. Be your own esthetician and self-massage your face. Massage is a great way to relieve stress and relax tension lines. Use your moisturizer, applied liberally to massage. Start at the forehead and temples, then work your way down to the chin and jawline.”

A few more tips and tricks to clear, healthy skin that Dr. Nassif shared:

• “A warm bath, infused with a few drops of essential oils, is the ultimate de-stressor. You won’t believe the after-glow your skin will have.
• “Listen to new music, make your favorite recipes, plant, and garden.
• “Do all the things you love and everything you haven’t had the time for. You’ll find your attitude more positive and stress begin to disappear.”