‘Summer House’: Amanda & Kyle’s Moms Reveal Concerns Over Their Relationship — ‘I Feel Tension’

Amanda Batula & Kyle Cooke's relationship has continued to struggle since their Labor Day Weekend engagement on 'Summer House.' Their moms sound off in a preview of tonight's episode!

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Amanda and Kyle from Summer House
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Summer House’s Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke’s relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs, and currently on the show, we’re seeing them in one of their lower moments. The engaged couple had a blow out drunken fight in last week’s episode of the Hamptons-based Bravo show, and this week, their moms get involved. In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the March 25 episode, Kyle’s mom Jane and Amanda’s mom Donna venture to the Hamptons house with their kids and confront them about their struggling relationship. “I’m not trying to sugar coat what it is… Like, I don’t think she understands, if you’re not getting out of bed until 9, who is getting up with the kids?” Kyle vents to his mom while sitting poolside. “It’s just a whole new layer of stress, I’ll tell you that much,” she replies.

Inside, Amanda and her mom sit on the bed and chat, referring to an unseen conversation from the evening before. “Are you worn out from that conversation last night?” Donna asks. “Yeah, I mean we’re both juggling a lot and I’m so exhausted that I don’t want to do anything,” Amanda says, and her mom notes, “It just seems like you’re arguing with each other all the time.” ” “Yeah, and there’s like no happy moments. Whatever is happening right now is just like, not working,” the New Jersey native replies.

Back outside, Kyle asks Jane, “From your perspective, what do you think about the state of our relationship?” “I feel tension,” she says. “We’re 10 months in and it’s like, nothing has changed,” the Lover Boy founder explains, but Jane is not having it. “You marry who the person is. Have you ever reached the point where it’s like, ‘Oh, maybe this is not going to work?'” she lectures. “What can you do differently? You need to think about this. You have all kinds of ideas for her!”

“I need to work on my tone, my communication,” Kyle replies. “Yeah, I call it your ‘asshole tone,’ pardon my language,” Jane says. It’s clear the moms are tired of their kids fighting. Watch the full clip above and be sure to tune in to Summer House on Wednesday nights at 9 PM ET! And, watch HollywoodLife’s Instagram tonight for a special LIVE Q&A with Lindsay Hubbard during the episode!

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