Chris Brown & Daughter Royalty, 5, Plan To Make An Epic TikTok Video Together: ‘It’s Only A Matter Of Time’

After Royalty Brown' bugged' him to do it, Chris Brown finally got on TikTok. We've EXCLUSIVELY learned that it won't be long before Breezy and Ro team up to take over.

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Doesn’t it feel that TikTok was built for someone like Chris Brown? Chris, 30, is a talented singer/dancer and seems like he’d be a perfect fit for the music-based social media network. So, it’s pretty shocking that it’s taken him so long to take to TikTok, but on Mar. 24, he finally joined – and fans have his daughter Royalty, 5, to thank. “Royalty is all about TikTok,” a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She loves it. She plays on it all the time. She likes watching them and making them and was onto this way before Chris.”

Royalty — who has her own account, according to the source – has been “bugging [Chris] to get on TikTok.” Now, it’s just a waiting game until Ro makes her debut on Chris’s account. “Don’t be surprised if you see Chris making a TikTok with Royalty sometime soon,” a second source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s one of the main reasons he set up his account, after seeing how many fans were begging to see dance videos of them together. Chris and Ro obviously love dancing together, and he thinks it’s just another fun way for them to pass the time and keep her entertained.”

Chris, according to this source, “knows he has a huge fan base on TikTok, so it only made sense to join. He can’t wait to come up with a bunch of creative and fun videos.” So far, he has only posted three clips: one with Tyga and YouTube star Austin McBroom; a video where Breezy is wildin’ along to DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat”; and one where he lip-syncs a scene from Eddie Murphy’s Coming To America. So far, no RoRo — but it’s coming.


In this bitchhh @@tyga @austinmcbroom5

♬ #hiteverybeat – dianelis🦋.


Royalty, a third insider tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, frequently shares with Chris “fun videos from all over the internet” that she’d “like to recreate or do herself.” So, when Chris and RoRo are together next, making TiktToks will be one of the fun activities that they’ll do together. “There isn’t any set time or set amount of videos that they will do, as they are going to deal with it when they get the urge. They dance, play, and paint, and some of that will eventually make it online.”

“There isn’t any real rhyme or reason as to what Royalty will want to do from one minute to the next. Chris, per the insider, intends to be a “good Dad,” and will “go with the flow, so when that includes stuff like TikTok, it will happen when it happens.” Still, fans should prepare for the epic Breezy x RoRo TikTok extravaganza, as this source says, “It’s only a matter of time.”

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