Ariel Winter Smashes Cardboard Cutout Of Herself During ‘Quarantine Cleaning’ — Watch

Ariel Winter found one creative way to entertain herself during quarantine! The actress posted a string of new videos she to her Instagram, where she used a baseball bat to get rid of her own cardboard cutout!

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Although self-isolation and quarantine are the right precautions to take during the Coronavirus pandemic, the practices can get a bit boring. But fans can take a note from Ariel Winter and get creative while they clean! In a new Instagram post Ariel shared on March 20, the Modern Family alum, 22, shared three videos of herself ‘cleaning’ her California home. Ariel, however, got a bit creative with her tactics. The videos featured Ariel, dressed in all black and sporting her new red ‘do, wielding a pink baseball bat to whack an old cardboard cutout of her face! With her pal, Joe, tagged in the videos, recording the antics, Ariel thought up of a few ways to break up the boredom.

The first clip just featured Ariel’s friend throwing the cutout her way, which she immediately hit with a resounding crack of the bat! In the second video, Ariel practically smashed what could have been a home-run, nailing her cardboard face right in the eye as the creases appeared on the cutout when it fell to the ground. Finally, Ariel and Joe took to the staircase, where Joe — recording from above — tossed the cardboard cutout down to Ariel as the actress nailed it with her bat! “quarantine cleaning really unearths things you hate as well as great ideas for entertainment,” Ariel captioned the three videos. But beyond her unconventional form of entertainment, the actress has been using her downtime to connect with her love, Luke Benward, 24.

One such adorable couple moment the two shared even featured some special furry friends! Taking to her Instagram story on March 22, Ariel captured Luke lounging on her couch with one of her pooches snuggling up to the 24-year-old actor. Putting on the “puppy eyes” to great affect, Luke wrapped his arm around Ariel’s dog while another rested in his lap! As the clips went on, however, Luke eventually got a whole lot of love when one of Ariel’s dogs started giving Luke a ton of kisses on his cheek!

Being the doting boyfriend he is, Luke took it all in stride and even said “Bless you” to one of the pups as they sneezed! Clearly, between spending time with Luke and finding fun, creative ways to entertain herself, Ariel is holding up just fine as she continues to follow the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 crisis. We cannot wait to see how she’s doing in her next update!

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